Friday, May 21, 2010

Reinventing Yourself

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

So many folks come to me who are looking for work.  Some have been unemployed for months, if not years.  Some were laid off, found another job, and got laid off again.  All are hugely frustrated from sending out resumes into the abyss.

More recently, I've had people come to me who are in secure jobs but wanting to quit.  Or people who don't have to work, but are being moved to make drastic changes in their lives.

What's so interesting is that it's the same energy affecting (and motivating) all of them.

We are being called to live in integrity.  We are being called to act in alignment with our Expanded Selves.  No longer can we work at jobs just for money.  We have to start doing what we're here to do.

It's not necessarily about finding and fulling your life purpose.  I believe our life purpose is to create.  How we create and what we create is unique for each one of us.

It has nothing to do with destiny, I don't believe anything is destined.  We're all on a road trip through life and we get to choose the route.

If you were laid off, it's a big message from the Universe (your Expanded Self) that you're to do something different.  If you keep applying for the same position, no wonder you're not experiencing any results.

The thing I know is, if you take a risk towards doing what you've been called to do, the Universe supports you.

It's all about acting with Consciousness.  Being Aware in each of your actions.  Operating from the Bigger Picture Perspective. 

You can tell when you're off-kilter.  You don't feel good.  There's conflict in your life.  You're experiencing restriction which can show up as lack of money, lack of love, lack of other needs.

Course correction can be dramatic or subtle.  You can make small changes and in a short while be on your path, feeling happy and content.  You can take extreme action and completely change everything in your life and feel exhilarated and alive.

It's all about reinventing yourself.  Who you currently are is your invention.  Everything you define yourself and your life is all subject to change.  You have the freedom to do things differently, and be a different person in the process.  Yet at your core you will be fully and completely Yourself.

In order to reinvent yourself, you have to let go of your old definitions.  You might hold on to your abusive childhood because it's made you who you are today.  Letting go of the 'survivor' label doesn't invalidate or negate your past, but allows you to step beyond it, to become a 'thriver'. 

You might discover that things you were really good at, that you got a lot of external praise for being, doesn't really satisfy you deep down.  Being an excellent marketer and able to convince people to buy products may not be what the Inner You really loves.

It can be scary to let go of what we thought was secure and real.  But the payoff is Expansion beyond our wildest dreams.

This week - reinvent yourself!

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