Friday, June 18, 2010

News Fast

(c) 2010 Joan Newcomb

Recently I've noticed even fairly enlightened people getting swayed by events outside of their sphere of influence.  Someone I know doesn't watch the news any more but gets moved by things posted by friends on Facebook.  Another acquaintance who firmly knows she's an Infinite Being creating her reality, still feels like she needs to keep up on the news in case she's missing anything!

A client of mine when asked what she could do to improve her quality of life, talked about things like going to Haiti to help with the relief effort, or going to the Gulf Coast to do something about the oil spill.  She doesn't live anywhere near these places, she's only seen them on the news.

How useful is it to worry about what's happening to people in other places?  Unless you're a member of Doctors Without Borders, or have construction skills and extra cash to pay your mortgage while you off in Port Au Prince.  If it's adding to the stress in your life, it's just an unnecessary distraction.

The media presents information in a way that's designed to evoke extreme emotions.  They don't present clear facts, but distortions of what's truly going on.  Watching TV news just exacerbates feelings of powerlessness, that the outside world is happening to you and you are small and helpless.

In reality You are Spirit - Essence.  You are Consciousness.  You created this world, and manifested the body that you're in, to have fun.  From Consciousness Perspective, every moment is enjoyable.  Breathing air is miraculous.  Tasting food is ecstasy. Being cold or hot, dry or wet, is sheer bliss.  Because there's no food in the Infinite-ness.  There's no temperature or skin to feel.  Or lungs to breathe.  There's only Oneness, so it's fun to interact with other creations in form. 

Consciousness is pure joy, so even lower vibrations of emotions are fun.  Being irritated in a traffic jam is enjoyable to Consciousness, since there is no irritation outside of the physical/personality realm.

The way to regain your perspective is to take a News Fast.  At least until you can laugh at the day's events.  Watch Teletubbies in the morning instead of your regular station.  Get your weather forecast from, go to your Department of Transportation website if you need to know what your commute to work looks like.  If you get the paper, go to the comics section first.

Notice how much clearer your headspace gets when your mind isn't filled with all that drama.  You can even extend your news fast to gossip and unnecessary stories from family and friends.  If it's none of your business, you don't need to know about it.  When you figure out what isn't your business, then dealing with what *is* becomes so much easier.

Dealing with your own stuff is actually pretty easy when you're not overloaded with everyone else's.  Even though You created it all as Consciousness, you don't need to focus on other people's storyline.  Look at your own storyline and respond to whatever is happening in the moment and life becomes simple.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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