Friday, June 11, 2010


(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb
When I walk my dogs, I make it a point to connect with Consciousness.  It seems easier to do on a rural road.  Trees, especially, come in to focus, and I'm aware of the Energy of Consciousness, which communicates, reflects and informs.

The other day I was musing as I walked about how everything is Consciousness.  So what about stuff that doesn't feel good?  What about Unconsciousness?

In this physical plane, there is separation, there's duality, so we can think about what is Consciousness and feel that there are things that aren't.  For instance, I'm aware of an energy field, which I perceive as black, that I used to consider as created by the Collective Unconsciousness.  It's composed of all the negative thoughts and feelings ever experienced.  I noticed people with alcoholism in their backgrounds tapped into this field.

I'm also aware of other people in my reality that feel frustrated, powerless, unhappy, and disconnected.  As a natural empath, I can be particularly susceptible to other's emotions.  I used to think their feelings were mine and could be easily knocked off my path by them.  It's so rare when that happens nowadays that when I catch myself thinking 'wow, I haven't felt this way in years', it's a clue that I'm experiencing someone else's reality.

But if it's all Consciouness and we're all One, how can that be?

An analogy that's coming to me is that it's all music, but on this physical plane there are different instruments that make up the orchestra and different notes that make up the composition.  If you're listening to it with an untrained ear, it sounds like one song.  If you listen with Awareness, you can tell the oboe from the bassoon, the violin from the cello, etc.

If you are miserable and disconnected, that's a clue that you've lost your Awareness.  It's not a bad thing, and when you've achieved some level of Conscious Connection, it doesn't mean that you never experience lower emotions, it just means you don't experience them as negative.

When I think to myself 'I haven't felt this way in years', and I'm feeling others' feelings, I can feel them feeling powerless over their reality, frustrated and wanting to change, fix or improve it.  I know enough not to act on those feelings but to ride them out or let them pass through.  I'm usually in total agreement with Consciousness so when things happen that may not seem perfect,  I don't take it seriously.

Consciousness is light, joy, effortlessness, timeless, spaceless, unity, expansion, abundance, and more.  The whole point of being here is to experience the opposite of Consciousness, which is why we experience darkness, sadness, effort, the limitations of time and space, individual personalities, loneliness, contraction,
lack, and more.  When we are Aware, we experience these things as fun and a creative challenge.  It doesn't seem so hard when you see it as a game.

When you're awake, you can understand that it *is* all Consciousness, even the parts that feel unconsciousness.  And that we ARE all Consciousness, even when we all seem so separate.

Someone who loves rock climbing, for instance, will look at a sheer rock face and get really excited.  Someone sitting in their LazyBoy coming across a rockclimbing program while channel surfing will think they're insane.

When you start seeing your life from Awareness, unconsciousness fades away.  It takes practice, because the pull of the collective is strong, but life is so much more fun when you're awake.

At this point I usually give suggestions for navigating from Awareness, and today I feel like a broken record (isn't that a dated term)!  Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Let the ones that aren't yours flow back to whomever they came from.  The ones that are from your body (hungry, tired, sleepy, etc.), comfort by responding to - nuture and care for yourself.  Reframe the ones from habitual negative thinking (anything invalidating, saying you're not capable, etc.), turn them around, put them in perspective, or laugh at their ridiculousness.

Try this whenever you think of it this week, and see what happens!

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