Friday, June 4, 2010

Take Nothing Seriously - Final Exams!

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

Have you ever noticed that sometimes in your life, several major issues come up at once?  It's like story lines from different subplots converge on you all at once. 

What's so interesting when this happens is that these are problems/crises/issues you've dealt with before, usually over the last year or so, and suddenly, whammo, they come up again this time in the same week or month.

To me it's like the Universe giving Final Exams.  It's to see if you really learned the lesson or gained the skill you needed.  If you can remember how you dealt with each issue, and do so again, then managing everything coming at you is relatively easy.  *If* you don't take it seriously.

If you freak out and go into crises mode, or resort back to old coping or escape mechanisms, then all you're doing is repeating the stuck patterns that you experienced in the first place.  Do you really want to feel that way again?

It also doesn't help to judge or blame (yourself or the situation).  You haven't regressed, you didn't do something wrong, the only reason you seem to be 'back' in this old scenario is to show that you've moved beyond it!!

How do you not take something seriously, when it feels so real or requires immediate attention?  Mentally step back from it.  Remember who You really are.  You are not the crises, you are not the problem, you aren't even your personality or your body or the role you're playing in the situation.

You are Consciousness, You are Essence.  You are more than this lifetime.  This body personality is just a role you've taken on, and you're acting out this storyline with other characters and an interesting plot and subplots. If you can view it from this expanded perspective, then the whole thing becomes amusing.

It takes staying out of sympathy with yourself - 'oh, poor me' does *not* help with neutrality!  It sometimes takes a little mental toughness not to get sucked into the emotional drama (even with yourself).  But think about it - do you want to feel miserable or do you want to feel better?

How do you want to play the game?  How do you want to experience life in Adventures In Density & Effortland? Do you want more happiness?  Do you want to feel joy?  Sticking your face deeper into the mud isn't necessarily the way to do it.  Unless you're trying to break through the illusion and are reclaiming power from the morphic field.  And then you're doing it with Consciousness.

A simple way to get started is by mentally stepping back, taking nothing seriously.  That's all you have to do this week.  And see what happens when you do!

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