Friday, July 23, 2010

Inception, Integration, and Lucid Living

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

Everyone's raving about the movie Inception which has as its basic plot the ability to consciously go into other people's dreams.  People love it for different reasons, but I suspect it strikes a deep chord because we are actually dreaming this present reality.

When I do Matrix Energetics or do 'busting loose' work, shifts happen in my reality that can seem dreamlike.  People come into and out of my hologram, their behavior or personality changes without reason, things show up and disappear, money flows in unexpectedly, traffic lights turn green when they shouldn't, etc., etc. 

Some of this may just seem dreamlike because I'm detached; I don't take the storyline so seriously any more.  And some of this may feel dreamlike because the energy of the planet seems to be raising.

I've been teaching a new class series unlike one I've ever done before, and am 'upgrading' all my tools and techniques along the way.  My old standard grounding cord now seems clunky and dated (like dialup internet or a corded landline phone).  I realize that I ground by feeling a magnetic connection from my lower abdomen (first chakra area) to the center of the earth, but it doesn't feel like there's any distance between them.  My students help me coin a new term, since grounding meant different things to them as well.  They call it 'Connecting'.

Another technique I used was 'owning' a room or building, and I realized the concept of ownership was laden with heavy assumptions.  Ownership was mixed up with authority, territoriality, an us vs. them mentality.  Instead I use Matrix and two point all the corners of whatever room I'm in, and suddenly my perception of the area is bigger and more three dimensional.

In trying this out with my 'master student', who's studied with me for many years, I came up with a new term for this as well.  I call it 'Integration', as in integrating into your hologram.  Do this for every scenario you're in, and it will really shift your awareness of your reality!

Everything feels lighter and more multidimensionally inclusive. Emotionally, things are clearer and more neutral (especially when I'm not fighting with the scenery)! It's not always comfortable and it's certainly not familiary, as my physical body liked the old, clunky ways.

When I was coming up with a title for this week's Ezine, 'Lucid Living' jumped in there, and I realize it's what happens when you 'wake up' and realize that you're dreaming.  Non-physical reality is more real than physical reality.  When you start living from this awareness, you world expands exponentially.

This week try several things: go see Inception (if you want to).  Imagine upgrading all your old spiritual tools and techniques.  You don't have to know how you're going to do that.  The inspiration will come to you when you decide to/imagine it.  Use whatever you have, know or make up to de-energize your pictures, concepts or beliefs of the solidness of everything.  Do any of these things whenever you think of it or feel like it, and you will be totally transformed by next week!

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