Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop Fighting The Scenery!

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

I'm in a community theater play at the moment, so have been spending a lot of time standing next to heavy red or black drapes and big, wooden frames of painted canvas.   It's amazing how you can make something look like a house or a sky, depending on the colors it's painted and if it has a door in it or not.  The thing is, I know it's not real, but when I'm on stage I pretend it is, for my own fun and for the benefit of the audience.

Our world is our creation, just a little more sophisticated than sets for a play.  We're in a full immersion show, not unlike Jim Carrey's 'Truman".   The difference is, we're not only the main character, but the writer, director, and everything else. 

It's hard for us to grasp this, because we're seeing things through the perspective of our current personality and physical form.  And if we're disgruntled with anything in our reality, be it inside our seemingly outside ourselves, it's like trying to fight the scenery.

The Truth is deeper than simply not being able to change other people (or inanimate objects), or that the only thing you can change is yourself.  And it's not that everything outside of you is not real.  It's that you, the little you, didn't create all this;  You did.

The part of you that's disgruntled is the little you.  And if you're using your energy to try to change, fix or improve anything in this reality, you're resisting You, the one that is enjoying everything It's creating.

So how *do* you change things for the better?  By not trying to.  It's more than surrendering to what is, or letting go, although both those things do help you line up (or align) with You.  Accepting what is, agreeing with You, allow change to happen.  Or changes the way you're experiencing what is, so that you're no longer disgruntled with it.

Last year I made the decision not to make take any action based on my emotional reaction to things.  I realized that if I felt like quitting something or leaving town or whatever, I was responding as my small self.  If I was in this situation, it was because "I" created being there.  And if I wasn't to be there, then I wouldn't be. 

In fact, when I look back on any major changes I've gone through, it was because something greater than my 'self' - with a lower case 's' - had created circumstances that were either my final straw or an inevitable direction.  Something would occur that would be the final straw, my 'bottom', or a surprise door opening, or the only way to go.

What's happened over this year has been transformation I couldn't have imagined.  Some things seemingly have stayed the same, except they really haven't.  Other things have shown up 'out of the blue'. 

The scenery is changing without my having to push it or paint it.

This week, look at your life as a Truman Show where your Large Self is lovingly making everything happen.  Talk with your Large Self, if you'd like, and see what response you get.  Stop fighting the scenery and enjoy the performance. 

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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