Friday, August 27, 2010

There Are No Mistakes

(c)2010 Joan M. Newcomb

A while ago I was working with a client who was all wrapped up with doing things perfectly.  I gave them "permission" to make 5 mistakes a day.  It helped them tremendously!

In reality, there *are* no mistakes.  Nothing you ever do, no matter how terrible it seems, is ever "wrong".  This world is created to be imperfect, it is one of dichotomies, opposites, darkness as well as light. 

The Essence of who you are is Infinite, Joyous, Omnipotent, Timeless, Eternal, and you created this realm to experience the opposite of all that, for the fun of it!

As Essence, you are Consciousness, and You, Your Creative Energy, is everything.  That means, the Essence of Who You Are is in all things, animate & inanimate.  Since you are Unity, Oneness, You create individual personalities to interact with, and we all feel very different from each other. 

You, within your body/personality, don't need to be concerned with all the  PAother storylines you've created (but you can if you want to).  Just understand and appreciate that, even though it seems really complex, from your Infiniteness, it's very simple!

On top of that, within your body/personality timeline, you've also parallel universes.  Every time you've made a decision to go left or right, a parallel self breaks off and goes in the other direction, creating a parallel universe of experiences.  That means a parallel self *did* keep dating that guy in high school, another parallel self *did* ditch college to go backpack through Europe (and is now living in Paris, fluent in French)!

Every mistake you've made, there's a parallel self that didn't make it.  So there's a parallel self who *didn't* marry your first husband, who *didn't* blow off that interview with Microsoft in the early 1980's (that you did because you thought computers wouldn't have broad usage)...

On the level of your Essential Self, it's all wonderful vibrating strings of the symphony of physical existance. It's multileveled currents of story, experience, emotion and flow.  It's like flying in an aeroplane looking down at cars whizzing along intersecting freeways.

On the level of your body/personality self, it can be overwhelming if you try to tune into all those currents and threads at once.  (It *is* overwhelming if you're clairvoyant, clairaudient or an empath).  All you need focus on is your present experience.

It's very freeing to know there are no mistakes.  You can forgive yourself for your past (your children have also had parallel lives where they had *much* better parents -or were much better offspring)! You can take risks with no regret.   It gives you permission to venture forth, go for your dreams, expand your experience, embrace Life with both arms.

This week, go forward as if there are no mistakes, and see how your life transforms in 7 days!

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