Friday, September 3, 2010

Truth & Emotions

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

One of the things (if not the major thing) that makes this adventure on Playground Earth so fun & yet so challenging is - emotions!

Emotions are your body's communication to You, Essence.  Your body reacts much the same way it did when it was a baby, it cries to let you know it's hungry, tired or needs changing.  As an adult, there are more nuances to your emotions, but it usually drills down to some basic needs.

When You begin to play on a higher awareness level, it's tempting to ignore what your body is saying, because it may slow you down or distract you from your 'spiritual focus'.  Just like a baby, an ignored body just gets louder when ignored.  Listening to your body, responding to it's needs, actually furthers your progress as a cooperative body will take you where you want to go!

If you're an empath, you have an additional challenge because you can feel what others are feeling.  Since none of us as children receive validation for our psychic abilities, our first impression is that all the emotions charging through our space is ours.  I find that others' feelings are more overwhelming to me, and have no basis in what I'm experiencing at the moment.  If you're feeling someone else's intense feelings, send them love and healing energy.  They're not deliberately invading your space, they're just sharing their (albeit uncomfortable) experience with you!

Yes, you are Consciousness creating all of this, *and* You created your body/personality to experience this world through.  Yes, you created everyone else in your hologram, and the hologram is an illusion *and* in your body/personality, you're experiencing it as real.  Everyone else is "real" from your body/personality perspective.  It's only as you shift to the Unity vibration that you can feel the Truth of our connectedness.

As your navigating through this illusion, feelings are your indicator of distortion.  If something causes very intense emotion, there's a lie at work.  You can tell whether an emotion you're feeling is clear or murky.  If it's clear, you feel empowered, energized, awake.  If it's murky, you feel depressed, anguished or even a little crazy.  It's not about positive or negative emotions because they're all just communication.  They're the words your body uses to speak to you, or the music You use to express yourself.  Joy obviously comes from Consciousness, but very clear Anger is a spiritual transformer (it cuts through the lies and limitations).  Fear is always a body level response as your body isn't going to make it out of this lifetime alive!

Stepping into an intense emotion can be a useful navigational technique *if* you pass through to the other side.  It's like jumping waves at the ocean, if a really big one comes along, you can dive right through it.  Some people miss the second part of this technique and get stuck in the emotional level.  Wallowing in misery or foaming at the mouth with rage means you're fighting with the illusions and giving it more power rather than reclaiming power from it!

When you're on the playing field of Earth, you're in direct contact with other players.  When you get tackled it feels very real.  When you're high up in the stands, you can observe yourself and others and see the big picture of the whole game.  It's very exciting but you're not feeling the discomfort of being face down in the mud.  When you're in an airplane overhead, you can see the world and all the little tiny people as your creation.

It's not that other people aren't real, or just cardboard 'extras' in your movie.  Everyone is real at the playing field level, with fascinating storylines all intersecting and playing out simultaneously. You're an Infinite Being and are capable at creating that complexity.  It's not until you're up in the plane that it becomes the illusion that it is.

If you're stiving to be at 'airplane level' the entire time, you're missing the point of being here.  You already *are* airplane level.  You created body/personality and Planet Earth to play in for the sheer joy of feeling physical.  Your point of being here is to feel everything fully, to be fully embodied.  Feel the sun on your face and food in your mouth.  Relish in the pleasure of a bubble bath or sleeping in.  Love people, places and fluffy animals. 

This week, feel your way through life.  Notice what feels clear and what feels murky.  Navigate towards clarity, and see what happens!

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