Friday, October 1, 2010

Generosity & the energy of Money

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

Mike Dooley says in his new book, Infinite Possibilities that whenever he's experienced a financial setback, he starts spending money.  It shows the Universe that he believes in abundance, that he has confidence in the flow.

I've seen people take this concept in a distorted way, compulsively wasting money because they fear losing it.  Which only creates what they fear!

Prosperity is an expansive feeling, poverty is contracted.  In order to receive more, you have to expand.

Worrying about expenses or debt is contracted, and constricts the creativity needed to reverse the condition.

Busting Loose From The Money Game's Robert Scheinfeld says that money is an expression of appreciation.  You express appreciation at restaurants for the food you ate, you express appreciation to your utilities company for what it provides to your home. 

Generosity is an expanded aspect of appreciation.  It's giving to others in an abundant way, it's expressing bountifulness.  It comes from a feeling of fullness, that there's plenty to share.

Appreciation and Generosity come from Consciousness.  When you are Aware of Yourself as the Conscious Creator, you experience the flow of abundance in your life.

Worry, fear of poverity, means your awareness has dropped down into the less conscious realms.  Down here, life is painful and it's a struggle to get ahead.  You're disconnected from Source.  It's very uncomfortable!

How do you shift out of that state?

There are several ways.  Robert Scheinfeld's reclaiming power has you fully feel the discomfort (I just typo'd it 'free the discomfort')!  You dive into it and at the emotion's peak you claim You are the Power and Presence of God, Consciousness creating this down to the smallest detail.  You reclaim the power in the emotion and the situation.  And then you appreciate the illusion of limitation. 

Byron Katie has you question your key thought.  Is it true? How do you know it's true? How do you feel when you think it?  Who would you be without it?  And then you turn it around, usually to it's opposite.  Which dissolves it into clarity and truth.

I created an exercise in response to Abraham-Hicks' saying that abundance and prosperity are all around us, and available to us like Niagara Falls, but most of us are standing with teaspoons.  Imagine the power of Niagara Falls, which can generate enough electricity for the entire Northeast!  Imagine standing by it and how the ionized air feels.  Then you can either imagine Niagara Falls flowing into your through the top of your head or if that's too intense, feel the ionized air filling your aura/energy space.  Sit for a little while, experiencing the energy, then let it release.

Doing that frequently raises your vibration so you can feel more abunance.  It dissolves the limitations and blocks and increases your ability to receive.

Your assignment this week, should you choose to, is to do any or all of the above suggestions whenever you feel like it.  And see what happens!

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