Friday, September 24, 2010

The Body is an Energy Generating Machine!

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

My original training taught that the body is a radio receiver, receiving frequencies and channeling them outwards.  Ideally it's receiving You as Spirit and channeling *your* energy, as your body is uniquely blueprinted for You.

Many years later, I came across a Buddhist "Boddichita" meditation tape by Pema Chodron, where you breath in the world's suffering and breathe out compassion.  It was the antithesis of my training, which has you clear other's negative *out* of your space and fill in with Christforce Gold.  But I tried it, and discovered that the body is an energy transmuting, and an energy generating machine!

We have energy centers, chakras, which contain all the information we need to run the body and exist in this reality.  And these chakras are 'engines' that can generate energy both throughout the body and into our lives!

Even without breathing in the world's suffering, you can sit and focus on your heart chakra, feel the energy of Love build within it, and radiate through your space and then outward into the world (I know of a woman at Findhorn who would do this every morning.  Imagine the world if more of us did that)!

So, within us we have all the information we need to exist.  Here we are in a time of economic insecurity and huge upheaval.  Our root chakra, located in the lower abodomen, has everything we need to not only survive but thrive.  And it's close to our procreative center, which can contribute to and/or create life.  We're all walking around with these powerful generators, how could there be any poverty or famine in the world??

Sit quietly and focus inward and see this area as an engine (or an oven).  Feel it heat up and fill your whole aura with the energy of life, living, thriving, manifestation.  It can go outward into aspects of your life, and to all areas needed on the planet.

You can do this with your solar plexus, our "power chakra" and area of the Will.  You can 'charge it up' which empowers you, and will also shift your experience in the the outer world. 

The chakra below your belly button is the area of sexuality and emotionality.  Tuning in there releases blocks to feeling, and can 'rejuice' important parts of your story line!!

The throat center holds all aspects of communication, inner voice, telepathic communication, and clairaudience - the ability to hear, etc.  Imagine freeing your Voice between You and your body, and You and everyone else!

In the brow there's your clairvoyance or clear seeing.  You can generate the ability to see the Truth, clear your world of denial and invalidation.

And the top of your head is knowingness, your own answers, both Your wisdom and all the information of the Cosmic Internet!

Try doing this every day for a week (either focusing on one chakra/area or trying a different one each day) and see how your world transforms!

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