Friday, November 19, 2010

Parallel Universes part deux

(c)2010 Joan Newcomb

In Jean Huston's book, 'The Possible Human', she tells about a time when she knew she would die.  It was a pervasive feeling, going on for several months.  Then one evening she and her father were on the way to a dinner where she was to speak, and narrowly missed being in the middle of a multi-car pileup on the freeway.  For the rest of the evening, and through the next day, she felt like a parallel self had actually been in the accident.  She could feel the sensations from the other experience.

Every time we turn left instead of right, decide to do one thing but not the other, a parallel self splits off in the other direction.  If you can imagine how many millions, even billions of times you've done that in your life, that's how many parallel universes there are behind you.  And there are that many, even more, ahead of you.  And that's just in this dimension.

What's comforting (and exciting) about this is that there are no mistakes.  You did stay in San Franscisco instead of moving to Seattle in 1981.  You pursued your dream of becoming an actress instead of giving it up.  You didn't turn down that proposal of marriage (to a future founder of Microsoft).  You kept the child you gave up for adoption.  You had different parents.  You had different siblings.  There are infinite possibilities out there and an aspect of you is living every one.

I use Parallel Universes in different ways in my Matrix Energetics practice.  I 'two point' a parallel universe to 'download' an experience that would be useful in present time.  For instance, in healing a cat I 'two-pointed' a parallel universe where cats live to be 110.  It helped the feline live to be 20 (what is that, in cat years?).  Someone had an abusive childhood, we two-point to a parallel universe where it didn't happen.  It doesn't invalidate the experience they had in this current reality, but it helps them not continue to be scarred by it.

I also invented a Parallel Universe technique for getting unstuck.  Imagine in front of you there are numerous doors, all leading to different parallel universes.  Use your hand to feel them and notice which one feels stuck or dark - it's usually the one right in front of you, indicating the direction you're currently going.  Feel around for a door that opens easily, feels light or bright.  Step through it, and you've changed your reality.

I came up with this at a Matrix seminar that I'd been working at.  It was the end of an intense weekend and I was checking out of the hotel.  I was going to have to contest a charge on my bill, and in the space I was in, there was no way they were going to take it off.  I realized that there was a parallel universe where the outcome was different, so I began, as unobtrusively as I could, to step in different places.  The first place didn't feel right, nor did the second, but when I stepped to the side, a new hotel employee came out from the back and immediately called me over.  It turned out to be the front desk manager, who was the one person empowered to reverse the charges!

This technique reminds me of changing lanes on the freeway.  If you stay in one lane the entire trip, you may get bogged down in traffic.  A simple lane change or two gets you there faster (and more stress-free)!

A way I use parallel universes now, in order to shift the state I'm in, is to imagine I'm walking through a series of doors.  Think of the beginning of the old TV show 'Get Smart'.  I've done this when I'm working at East West.  It's about a two-hour commute from where I live, by ferry and I-5, and some days after fighting traffic, I really need to shift my state.  After parking my car, I imagine doors opening and closing as I walk towards the bookshop, and by the time I go in, things have completely changed!  (I will also do this while driving, imagining that I'm driving through the doors, and it can change the traffic as well).

The series of doors is helpful when you need to make incremental shifts to get to where you want to be.

Even though I have a vague intention for things to shift, I don't try to get more specific than that.  Otherwise you're trying to control, manipulate or fix your reality, which creates effort and stops things from happening.  Just noticing which door is brighter or moves more easily, or just imaging a series of doors opening and closing, leaves room for infinite possibilities to occur.

It also doesn't work to imagine doors opening and closing for someone else (or to someone else).  I mention this to all the clients who want me to help improve or change their spouses or children!  However, *you* changing yourself has a ripple effect into your life, and others can transform simply because your energy has changed.

As we're going into the holidays, you may find these techniques useful to play with.  You can shift your visit with your relatives by stepping into a parallel universe where everyone likes eachother.  Or you may find, by shifting your state, the key people who irritate you don't show up for the family events!  If you worry you'll be experiencing a less-than-abundant Christmas, step through a series of doors towards a different reality.

Try any or all of these techniques over the next week and see what happens!

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