Friday, November 26, 2010

Your Inner Essence

(c)2010 Joan M. Newcomb

I've noticed in my readings that most people's essence color is either Yellow or Blue.  Sometimes bright Green or Pink (but often that's just their growth space).

True Pink's are rare - it's the Essence color of Amma, "The Hugging Saint".  She's the embodiment of Love.  True Greens are, also - think of Fred Allen Wolf from 'What The Bleep'.  He's a Catalyst for Change.

There are different shades of Blue or Yellow, but their core purposes are the same.

Blue's are 'healers'.  They're usually empathic and very sensitive to the energy around them.  They love to be of service, to make things better for others.  They're good at creating a safe atmosphere for both themselves and others.  They can be very grounded and have a stabilizing influence.  They can get stuck codependent fixing things for others or grinding their own personal growth to a halt (in order to make things stay the same).  They can also get stuck perpetuating family patterns, going into the family business, etc. all in an attempt to heal or make things better.  There's a lighter shade of blue, a sky blue, that heals through words.  They're communicators and they're passionate about the Truth.

Yellows are 'light bringers'.  They're often naturally clairvoyant.  They can light up the room, because they bring a 'brighter wattage bulb' or higher vibration into their surroundings.  They often feel like they were adopted or dropped into their family by aliens, because they'd don't 'fit'.  They're interested in new things, they're on the leading edge.  They're about breaking family patterns.  When they go into the workplace or new relationships, often darkness comes to the surface.  No fault of theirs; they just turned on the lights which revealed where people haven't dusted!  This can create conflict because people sitting in the dark don't like light shining in their eyes.  There's a light shade, a sunlight yellow, that can be intellectually curious, because they like to look beneath the surface.  They can be observers of what's going on.  There's a darker shade, gold, which is very grounded and all about bringing higher vibration into form.

Yellow's purpose is to raise the vibration of Consciousness.  They're about moving us forward.  They're the scouts blazing the trail ahead.

Blue's purpose is to bring up the rear.  They're the pioneers, loading folks onto wagon trains following the trail that's been blazed.

Yellows and Blues can be very compatible - *if* they respect each others' differences.  There are less Yellows than Blues (often 1 in a 4 child family).  Blues get upset at Yellows because they seem to be threatening stability.  Yellows get upset at Blues because they seem to be stuck or slowing things down.

Blues can provide wonderful stability for Yellows, and Yellows can stimulate Blues to 'go with their own flow' (Blue can be a water quality, motion is necessary, even as it's a very down to earth energy.

Yellows need to appreciate Blues for their ability to create a safe and nurturing place - something Yellows aren't always able to do.  Yellows inspire, enlighten but also encourage change.

Blues need to appreciate Yellows bravery for putting themselves out there, boldly going where no one has gone before, something Blues are hesitant to do.  Blues nurture, comfort and hold space.

People can step into other roles - in society, it's expected that women be Blues (think of the Virgin Mary's Essence color), but there are many mothers who were only able to do that for the duration their children were young.  Society expects men to be Yellows, going out there to explore and lead and make change, but there are many men who in reality are fabulous nurturers and great supporters.

There's a change happening for Blues - instead of running around saving the world, they're being called to stand still and radiate their Essence.  Doing that, they stabilize themselves, and also create a ripple effect of healing throughout the world.

Yellows may be experiencing extremes right now because of the 2012 changes happening.  There's going to be a 100th Monkey effect; when enough light bringers' express their true purpose, it will create a Tipping Point where everybody 'gets it'.

If you're resisting your Essence calling you may be experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort.  Your world may be falling apart, in order to let go of your old (false) identifications.  Your circumstances may force you to reinvent yourself.

If you're in alignment with your Essence, change may be accelerating and yet you're going with the flow.  You're in agreement with everything that's happening so even disasters seem like blessings.

Notice what *your* Essence is. Did you resonate with one aspect over another? If you were confused, maybe you were programmed from a young age to be other than what you Truly are. Or you're in a space of re-inventing yourself.

Spend the week just noticing what your natural tendency is (or remembering what you were like when you were younger, before you had to 'grow up' - i.e. do what society expected).  Allow yourself to steer yourself in your natural direction, make choices and actions that feel more comfortable or look more bright to you.  You will find the Universe totally supporting you (even if your family, friends or coworkers squawk).

Try this for the next seven days and see how life totally changes!

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