Friday, December 31, 2010

Nothing Is Ever Stuck

©2010 Joan M. Newcomb

About twelve years ago I took a class with David Spangler, and he said in New Age circles there is much judgement for being 'stuck', that you have to keep growing and changing in overt ways.  He said 'nothing is ever stuck'.  I recall he used physics or biology as examples.  When something looks like it isn't moving, the atoms and molecules actually are.  Even something that has physically died is undergoing change as it breaks down and transforms into something else. 
This time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere) it seems like everything has gone dormant, and yet under the surface there's a lot of activity!  Seeds are germinating, getting ready to generate new life, which won't be evident until Spring.
A professional author I knew once explained how hard it was to time-clock the creative process.  So much writing gets done in one's imagination, prior to coming out one's fingertips and onto the keyboard.  You can be mulling about your garden, seemingly doing nothing, but work is going on.
In terms of personal growth, we judge ourselves for being stuck or feeling stuck, when in actuality all our issues are coming to the surface to be worked on.  Sometimes it may seem like an issue we've struggled with or thought we'd resolved before, and we feel discouraged that it's come up again.  In reality we're dealing with it at a deeper level.
Often we feel most logjammed just before we experience tremendous breakthrough.
What to do when you feel this way?  Sometimes nothing is the best answer.  Part of feeling stuck is when we go into effort and try very hard to get unstuck!  Effort blocks spiritual creativity.  Taking a break, letting go, allows the Universe to bring to us the change we're trying to manifest.
Resistance is another aspect of Effort and will magnetically attract what we don't want.  If we're resisting an issue, sure enough it will show up.  Releasing resistance, not fighting what is, can make it have less power over us and even disappear completely.
If you're feeling stuck over achieving a positive outcome, baby steps may be the solution.  We'll get overwhelmed imagining the end result and not even start.  Losing weight is a great example.  It involves changing eating and exercise habits and also your self image.  Trying to do that all at once is too much.  Breaking it down into - literally- bite sized pieces, substituting fruit for sugar, drinking only liquids with no calories, taking walks, can bring success as you grow into the new You.
Increasing prosperity and abundance has similar steps as well. It can require awareness of spending habits, being able to see or feel yourself at an increased income level, and letting go of old (sometimes family) patterns.
Usually, however, the only thing that is stuck is the voice recording in your head, telling you that you aren't or can't move forward.  When you recognize and dismiss your Inner Gremlin, you'll suddenly see how productive you actually are, and have the energy to take great leaps forward. has excellent suggestions for how to do this!
This week, should you feel motivated, try any of the above.  Do nothing, or do baby steps, and see what happens!

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