Saturday, December 4, 2010

Projections ©2006 Joan M Newcomb

Projections ©2006 Joan M Newcomb

As we’re nearing the end of this year, and this holiday season, I’ve been musing about projections. Projections are energy that’s projected through our pictures or concepts. Typically projection has a negative connotation – that it’s a limitation or misinterpretation of what’s really going on. But it occurred to me that projection can be very positive as well. Intentions are an example of a pro-active projection; sending out a positive energy for things to go successfully.

Being empathic, I’ve struggled with the effects of someone’s pessimistic projections – whether they’re thinking poorly of me (or whomever I remind them of) or they’re thinking the circumstances are going badly. But over the holidays I had a great opportunity to turn that around. I expected to have a wonderful holiday and expected to have a wonderful time with my relatives and my new in-laws, and I did. (Expectations are also an example of projections).

Recently a client of mine was expressing concern over talking with some of her business contacts. She expected that they would react negatively to what she would be saying. I asked her what it would be like if they were actually fine with the information, or even (surprisingly) pleased. Projecting a positive outcome before picking up the phone can effect what you receive from the person on the other side.

Everyone is talking about goals and goal setting as we approach January 1st. Projections are different than goals because there’s emotions attached. It’s creating a picture to view your world through that brings up feelings. It’s the energy of feelings that gets projected to the world around you. When you take charge of your projections, by consciously choosing how you view the world, you can change your reality immediately. A common term for this is ‘re-framing’, but the idea of consciously projecting gives it more of a three-dimensional perspective.

This ties in with the Law of Attraction, because you can be projecting an energy that attracts, or an energy that repels. Think about it.

One fun and effortless way to play with this is to set an intention as you fall asleep for what the next day is going to be like. What you’ve done is constructed a picture for yourself, and when you wake up you view the world through that picture. You can also decide in advance what it’s going to feel like when you do a particular activity or go to a particular event. People naturally do that when they go to parties or concerts.

What if you did that before you go to work? The night before, set an intention that the next day at work is going to be fun, the meeting is going to be full of happy people, everyone’s going to get along, etc. etc. (you can substitute the word ‘work’ with school, family gathering, or whatever applies to your particular situation). See what happens the next day!

And yes, you can do the same with an entire month or even an entire year. A slightly different twist when you’re working with a period longer than a day is to imagine a timeline in front of you. You can decide whether it’s your life in general, your career path, your relationship path, or any other path you choose. You can project along the path what you want it to be like. Some people are quite detailed -- even planting flowers along their imaginary paths! Some just fill the path with energy, gold sunlight, loving pink, vibrant red, healing blue. It projecting the energy (or emotion) you want to experience into your future.

So have a happy 2007 (or whatever you want to project it to be)!

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