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Matrix Transformation (c) 2006 Joan M. Newcomb

Matrix Transformation (c) 2006 Joan M. Newcomb

A year-long Clairvoyant Readers training program that I’ve been leading is coming to completion. My intention was to teach people nearly everything I know (I say ‘nearly’ as 25 years’ worth of metaphysical work can’t really be passed on in only a year)!
When I’ve studied with different spiritual communities, one thing I’ve noticed is that people were never trained to the same level as the people at the top. That may be because the founders had many years of experience they couldn’t easily pass on, but I suspect a strong reason with some upper echelons was job security – what would happen if the teachers taught their students everything they knew?

My personal discovery (to answer that question) is that you move to a next level yourself.  My next level has turned out to be Matrix Energetics.

Matrix Energetics is a quantum form of transformation. It takes my belief that we live in a holographic universe, that we each exist in our own personal ‘holodeck’ (to borrow from Star Trek the Next Generation) and we’ve forgotten that we’re the one’s who program the computer, and gives us the means to *really* change our reality in astounding and often instantaneous ways.

At my first introductory seminar I got the picture that I’d been viewing spirituality from a very physical viewpoint. If you consider that the physical world is made up of density, effort, time and space, an analogy would be that, as spirit, it’s like being under water. I thought that the spiritual level then was like being above water, in oxygen. I’ve realized that it’s still seeing spirit from a physical viewpoint. Under water you experience the density of H2O; you feel gravity, currents, tides, and temperature. However, the oxygen realm also has gravity, wind currents, temperatures, etc. Spirit is outside of all of that. The nearest I could come to describing it is outer space (except we still experience gravity in relation to the Sun). Deepak Chopra refers to it as the Void, the space beyond (and even that, being a distance word, doesn’t accurately describe it) subatomic particles.

We access this area not with our intellect but with our imagination.

Matrix Energetics is a series of techniques you can use to bring whatever change you can imagine into physical form. It was developed by a chiropractor/naturopath, Dr. Richard Bartlett, so his initial focus was on physical body changes, but you can take the basic information and apply it to physical reality changes as well.

My experience with this has been sometimes exhilarating and sometimes unnerving. I’ve usually talked about spiritual transformation being like remodeling a house; the intent being to make things better but living with the sheetrock dust and plastic covering the windows can be uncomfortable. This has been more like… let’s evaporate a portion of this house and replicate something different in its place. (That sentence doesn’t make sense if you use the word ‘replicate’ as to ‘copy’ or ‘duplicate’, but if you think of STNG’s ‘replicator’, you’ll get what I mean).

It’s understandable why teachers and leaders want job security, want not to go to the next level themselves. Change like this can be *very* uncomfortable. I rather like being an expert, being skilled with my techniques, smoothly navigating my way through life. This has been a very vulnerable time, at least from my personality POV. However it’s taking me to my next area of expansion, it’s giving me a new way to create my life, as Spirit it’s been incredibly exciting. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone (yet again) but I know that soon I’ll be comfortable but in a larger, newer awareness.

Rather than make this an infomercial for Matrix Energetics (more information can be found at ), I want this to be an encouragement for each of you to go to *your* next level of transformation. Also, don’t be afraid to give away all that you know. It will open you to new possibilities, new ways of being. All you need to do is allow the notion that you create your reality and your life can be different than it is now to float out of your head and out to the Universe and all sorts of synchronicities will begin occurring. If you’re reading this, you must have already done so, and this article has been one of those synchronicities!

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