Friday, February 18, 2011

How Bad Does It Have To Get?

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

About seven years ago I was watching my country play out patterns from fifty (and seventy) years before.  It was astounding to me to see things regressing to a time of more limitations, seemingly less individual choice and freedom.  It was amazing to see events unfold to continue the direction things were going rather than reverse them.

About the same time the Catholic Pope died, and there had been the anticipation that the next would be more liberal.  Instead a more traditional one was chosen.

It showed me that things were going to have to get more "bad" before things got better.  And that it was a world evolution, not just my country's.

Since then, our economy plummeted and many other countries' followed.

We've been in a turnaround time for the last couple of years, although in some cases you wouldn't know it.  There are loud and shrill voices trying to continue the trend of restrictions, to perpetuate the adjustments that were made in recent years to benefit the "haves" separating them further from the "have-nots".

My feeling was that the previous downward spiral had to continue in order for us to come out of denial, to see what was happening more clearly, it had to hit our back yards so to speak.  It has to increase before a push-back occurs.

It's all part of the old energy disintegrating as our vibration consciousness raises.  Those that cling to the old way are experiencing the most discomfort.  That which is dying is illusion, and it yells the loudest.

The Middle East is a great example of the 'push-back' that is happening.  Four or five countries are uprising now.  It's the area with the oldest energy, the most limitation, the least freedom, the biggest dichotomy between wealth and poverty.  A miraculous transformation is evolving there.

In my country it is happening on a grass roots level as well.  Individuals gathering for civil rights, protesting the attempts of the old energy to continue control.  It's not done here.  We on the brink of another 60's style revolution.

For the Middle East it is just beginning.  As each country topples old regimes, there's a lot for them to figure out, how to do things differently.  Their culture(s) run deep.

We've reached critical mass, in terms of the Light entering our conscious awareness.  Like 'the wave' at a baseball stadium, we are standing up, not simultaneously but in a fluid flow around the globe.  We're at the 100th monkey point, where everyone is about to get it.

How bad does it have to get?  Depends on where you are and how much you resist change.  What's falling apart in your life is a reflection of lies/distortion you've been clinging to as truth.  If you're out of work, you're being called to reinvent yourself.  If your relationship is dissolving, you're needing to learn the same thing leaving it as you needed to learn to stay in it - owning your own power, speaking your own truth, creating your own foundation, setting your own energy level are some examples there.  You may have had loved ones pass over; an opportunity to realize that no one ever dies, that they're easier to talk to now if harder to hear.

If you're witnessing others being stuck (friends, family, legislators) do not judge them.  Feel compassion, for they are in extreme pain.  Their world is crumbling and their identities are dissolving.. They are leaning against the sandbags of their beliefs and the tsunami of transformation is just too powerful.

Let it go.  Let it happen.  Be different.  Be new.  Be yourself.  Speak up, stand up, take action.  Break through the illusion, but don't wrestle with it.  Don't use your energies to resist, but to propel you forward.  Any step is in the right direction, and the Universe will support you.

Exciting times.  Have fun with it.

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