Friday, February 25, 2011

Where is your nose?

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

It's been an intense time for many people.  We are collectively going through an Emergence.  You can see it as our Consciousness vibration raising, or a deeper integration with our Expanded Selves. 

What doesn't match this higher vibration is becoming unbearable.  It is showing up differently in each of our lives.  For some it is long-term relationships with friends or family as we've outgrown the patterns we used to share.  For some it is their career, either feeling stuck in their job, or being laid off and unable to find another in their industry (because in reality their work is not in integrity with their Purpose).  And around the globe you can see governments breaking down that are stuck in old, restrictive patterns.

There's a lot going on to distract you from your own growth.

Even if you're part of a group that is in a similar expansion - say you're among the unemployed, or you live in Egypt - you still have your own unique process.  The group can be supportive, if it's moving forward or raising vibration.  It can be limiting if it's representing stuckness.

It can be confusing to know what is your own information and energy amongst everyone else.  Here's some clues -

Your own emotions feel clear to you.  If it's your anger, it feels clear and pure.  If you're joyous or happy, you're on the right path, connected with Source. 

If you feel distorted, disconnected, highly dramatic or confused, you're energy is mingling with others or bumping up against external restrictions.

Energetically, there's some techniques for maintaining separation when in groups or in collective situations.  Have the sense of 'owning your space', your energy bubble or aura.  Just a sense of ownership can define your awareness from other's reality.  You can also imagine being a 'half step above' other's vibratory levels.  A fun way to do this is to imagine your aura is a different color than everyone else.  (Teenagers with their IPods do this musically).

It's also helpful to know what is your business and what's not.  What goes on in someone else's life is none of your business - even if you're a spouse or sibling or child.  They're Infinite Beings, capable of creating their own reality.  They have their own connection to Source.  They have their own Guardian Angels.  (This is great for dealing with ex-relationships and for young adult children.  They get to have the consequences of their own actions, too).

Figure out, where is your nose?  If your nose is into someone else's life, you get to experience their craziness, too.  Does that benefit you? Does it help you resolve your own issues? Is it moving you forward on your path? Notice where your nose is, and turn it towards your own life.

When you're driving, you have a tendency to steer where you're looking.  If you're looking towards the dark side of things, you're steering yourself there.  If you're looking at your neighbor's life, you're steering into their lane.  Look in the direction where you are going, you'll avoid any potholes in the road ahead. 

So, this week notice if you're feeling clear or crazy.  Notice if you're thinking about solutions to your own issues or about other people's Stuff.  If you keep your eye on the destination you desire, you're more likely to end up there!

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