Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthing Pains

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

Yesterday was very energetically interesting.  I felt like I was high - on caffeine without the jitters. The top of my head (crown and sixth chakras) were very clear and open.  It was like a continuous flow of creative energy. I kept wondering who was 'in my space' - if it was a baby being or a woman who was pregnant.
My husband kept saying he felt a profound change, a deep transformation or clearing out. 
Then our stovetop blew up so we went out to dinner during a wind storm and when we got home the power was out. 
I had a bit of battery left on my laptop to send a few emails and as I was shutting it down I saw the first Twitter notifications of the earthquake in Japan.
Today the news has been filled with the Tsunami hitting around the Pacific, and my Facebook pages filled with postings to do with astrological predictions, Mayan calendar dates, and scientific reports.  Quite a lot of excitement!
One comment said "Birthing Pains for the New Earth," and reminded us to breathe.
The birth process is a great analogy for what we're collectively going through.  Birth doesn't just happen on a physical level, there's a spiritual and energetic experience at the same time.
Physically you have contractions, which aren't necessarily painful at first but hurt like an SOB when the head's coming out (I had two home births without medication).  You definitely have to breathe through it!  Energetically it's very powerful as the Being prepares to fully move into form (it's been there during the development of the foetus but it really 'moves in' when the baby body comes out).  The energy at a birth can be chaotic or euphoric or both.
The Earth has been having powerful contractions, with major earthquakes and volcanoes over the past year.  We're experienced the chaos resulting from these events and may have missed the euphoria.
Consciousness is moving more fully into form. Consciousness is the essence of who We are, all the different bodies and personalities are the manifestation of Consciousness.  From Consciousness' perspective, Consciousness is integrating more into bodies.  Our individual personality and body we may experience it as our Awareness is raising or we are 'waking up.
As this is happening, anything that is not in integrity with Consciousness is disintegrating and falling away.  We are experiencing 'earthquakes' in our personal lives.  Things we've identified with and relied upon are disintegrating.  Our careers, our investments, our relationships all seem to be falling apart.
People who identify with these things are experiencing the most pain.  And that which is "dying" is squawking the loudest.  People and things who have been limiting people's expansions are losing power, as we're seeing in the Middle East.  It's interesting to see the right wing extreme in the US attempt to impose more limitations and restrict basic rights.  They may seem to be 'winning' but they cannot prevent the inevitable expansion any more than a woman in labor can cross her legs and stop her birth.
With increased Consciousness there's increased responsibility.  This does not mean taking responsibility for others, nor accepting blame for events.  It means responding-to rather than reacting.  It means ownership of your own creations.  You are not a child and God is not the parent.  You are the Divine Being, senior in your own space.  It means taking responsibility for your inner power and use of it.
How do you get through the birth pains?  Breathe.  Allow support; spiritual midwives will show up in all sorts of guises.  Accept (because there's no going back when labor has started).  When you are in agreement with the changes, the process goes easier for you! 
View it from a Spiritual perspective and you'll find yourself excited rather than fearful.  Instead of trying to control the outcome, be curious about what possibilities await you.  Step up and out of your personal story and drama (and beyond the news and gossip) and see the bigger picture.  Open to the expansion and you'll have a quick and joyful birth.
Remember these suggestions over the next days and weeks and you'll have a lot more fun with your transformation.

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