Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Inner Voice is WRONG

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

Sometimes your Inner Voice is wrong.  I'll give a couple of personal examples - when my son flew from Seattle to Mexico at New Years, we were told at the airport that, in San Francisco, one of his two checked bags would most likely be held back to a later flight.  Going to Mexico, that usually means you can kiss that luggage goodbye.

I spent the next 48 hours convinced that was what happened and being quite emotionally overwhelmed by the thought of what he'd lost.  When my son finally responded to my emails, Facebook messages and texts, all was well and he was enjoying the sunshine.

Last week I was given some misinformation about a family event by my 84 year old mother.  Her memory isn't good so she makes notes when she talks on the phone.  When I called her, she read something off her notes that sent me into a spiral for the entire week.  It turned out to be completely false.

What went wrong with my 'spidey senses'?  I'm a professional psychic, I should Know these things!

My first clue, with both of them, was overwhelming emotion.  One's true Inner Voice is softspoken and rational.  Listening to it is calming.  The information comes across and it's 'but of course' - you can feel the inner truth of it.

The second clue is the story.  If the voice you are listening to is telling you dramatic details, it's probably not true.  Your Inner Voice is not a soap opera screenwriter.  The world isn't coming to an end, there is no conspiracy theory, and other people really don't think of you that way (they're more concerned with how others think of *them*).

Your Inner Voice is your Inner Wisdom, not your inner gossip columnist.

The thing is, your Inner Voice and that other voice both sound like you.  It's just that one sounds like you when you're crazy.

Which one do you want to listen to?

One leads you in the direction of serenity, the other towards insanity.  It's really not that hard a decision.

However, you need discernment.  You need to start being more conscious of the narration inside your head.  You need to slow down and notice what you're listening to, which part is running your life.

Just because one is loud, doesn't mean it's more powerful.  It only gains energy if you listen to it.  It also gains energy if you argue with it.  Grab yourself by your ears and redirect your focus.

Notice what stimulates the loud voice and stop feeding it.  Perhaps you need to stop listening to the news.  Or start listening to the news on a foreign channel.  You may find the British and Asian news reports are far less agitating.  Perhaps you need to limit contact with certain friends or relatives, so you don't keep replaying conversations with them in your head.

Often the loud voice is most active in the wee hours of the night.  Take charge of that time and practice meditation, or affirmations, or decide what you'll do when you win the lottery.

Do things that stimulate your real Inner Voice.  Walks in nature, inspirational books, mellow music, whatever supports your soul.

The more you pay attention to your *real* Inner Voice, the stronger your connection with it becomes. Your life reflects your inner talk, and listening to your real Inner Voice brings you real inner peace. You may still be looking for work, or your soul mate, but you remain centered.

This week, notice which voice you're paying attention to inside your head.  If your life is hectic and your thoughts are running in circles, that's your fake voice.  Make choices to listen and respond to your *real* Inner Voice this week, and notice what happens!

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