Friday, July 8, 2011

Divine Timing

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

I was going to call this Perfect Timing but I already wrote an essay with the title back in 2009.  And I realized that the topic is more than perfect timing, because in it there's an implication that if you do things perfectly, you can get the timing right.

Divine timing is when things happen you could not have foreseen or even guessed at.  It's when things unfold outside of your expectations.  Circumstances intersect to create things happening perfectly, in a way no individual human could have orchestrated.

Consciousness is a cosmic air traffic controller.  It's seeing the bigger picture beyond the single persona sitting within the physical body.  Consciousness sees beyond the present storyline and the cast of characters engaged in whatever drama is going on now.

I was going to liken it to the director of a particular play, who has to keep track of not only the actors, the script and the stage directions, but also the lights, the costumes, the props, and music.  However it's more like the director of a Festival, with multiple venues playing a repertoire of shows.  Except Consciousness is tracking it all multidimentionally and over eons, and beyond time and space.

When I was delayed 13 hours in Denver last week, I had no idea that I would end up sitting next to an elderly man just released from a Houston hospital to go back to his wife in New York who was in final stages of cancer.  My original flight was Seattle-Denver-Baltimore.  His was Houston-Baltimore-New York.  70 mile an hour winds in Denver changed my course so that I would be the one beside him to help open his packages of nuts and pretzels, and listen to him tell his story, in between breaks of silent weeping. 

Another example - I am not the world's greatest driver, and I don't like to drive when out of town.  Two years ago I came to DC and had my Mom do all the driving (which meant I didn't go anywhere beyond a 5 mile radius).  Last year I rented a car for the first time to go from DC to NY to see my son in college.  It took 9 hours (instead of 5 1/2) because I avoided highways. 

In April I bopped up to Poughkeepsie in record time, because the Beltway and 95 was no big deal, just like driving I-5 in Seattle.

And now I'm in DC for the duration, so it's a good thing I'm no longer daunted by driving!

When I came here in April, I had the intuitive hit that something big was going to happen.  I'd thought maybe an earthquake or something political.  And that was somewhat true - tornados hit close by, and Osama bin Laden was killed.  And my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  What I couldn't have known at the time was that I'd reconnect with my father at a family wedding in June, and that his cancer has come back, with a 10-13 month prognosis.

So I'm here in DC for the duration, being an energetic midwife or doula for souls transformation.

It's bigger than "me", but not bigger than I.

As Consciousness, I AM in agreement with everything that is happening.  I AM totally accepting of all that is unfolding.  I AM willing and able to be in the moment and do the next indicated thing.

Little "me" hits moments of  'I can't do this'.  Except I already AM doing it.

One thing that helps to think of the bigger perspective, of our being one car on the freeway or one plane in the sky, amongst all the other vehicles weaving in and out, in a great transcontinental/universal transporation system.  It also helps to know that our individual energy contributes to the whole.  You are there in that moment for a reason - your Presence is needed where you are.

Are you a grounded person? You are there as a stabilizer.  Are you a light bringer? You are there to illuminate and shine light.  Your Essence enhances whatever is happening.

When you relax into your Essence, you are aligned with your Purpose, and things unfold effortlessly.  Your Essence is whatever your natural tendency is, whoever you truly are.  It's deceptively easy to be YourSelf.  It's only hard when you're resisting what is.

This week I invite you to stop trying to make things happen.  I invite you to stop focusing on manifesting your dreams, on self-imPROVEment, on pushing the river.  I invite you to stop fighting all the things you don't want in your life.

Let the river carry you a while.  You are going in the right direction, you will end up where You want to be, and it will all happen in Divine Timing.

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