Friday, July 15, 2011

It Gets Better

(c)2011 Joan M. Newcomb

There's a video campaign on YouTube aimed at gay teens called 'It Gets Better'.  There's a high number of GLBTQ adolescents who end up committing suicide because it seems the world does not accept them.  On YouTube, there's a wonderful amount of videos by GLBTQ & straight people, celebrities and regular folk, reassuring them that 'It Gets Better'.

From 12 to 21 we undergo such transformation, our bodies mature, our personalities develop, and we change from children to young adults that can drive and vote and get married.  Everyone experiences traumatic growing pains, everyone feels at some time their world is ending as they know it and they can't imagine life beyond the excruciating now. They need to know 'It Gets Better', as well!

With all the economic challenges and natural disasters, it seems like the entire planet needs to know that 'It Gets Better', too.

It actually gets better the instant you realize that it will.  Shifting perspective in the moment can alleviate a lot of discomfort.  If you realize this moment is temporary, it can be easier to get through.  Whether you're stuck in a traffic jam or visiting your in-laws, at some point things will change.

From Spirit's viewpoint, this lifetime happens in the blink of an eye.  There is no separation from loved ones, because we're all still connected on the non-physical level.  Even while we're experiencing illness or loss, there's an aspect of us that is pure Joy and Unity.  There is no lack or poverty, because our Higher Self is Creative Energy and Abundance.  It's possible to know that, even when not feeling it.

So no matter what it is in your life that is disintegrating, no matter how strongly you identified with it, know that it is giving away to greater emotional depth and greater connection with Consciousness.

Lean into your Expanded Self, and this will become clear.

Collectively we are all growing towards the Light. We are all tipping over into expanded Awareness. On this level, it not only gets better, it already IS better.

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