Friday, September 16, 2011

Notice Feelings

Notice Feelings ©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

Today as I was driving, I was wanting inspiration for today's Ezine Essay.

I headed down Reservoir Road, and there was a big traffic sign NOTICE and underneath someone had put a big cardboard sheet saying FEELINGS.

Guess I'm supposed to notice a reservoir of feelings...

What have I noticed about feelings? I notice that it's not productive to wallow in them when having to get through tough situations
I've noticed that feelings are communication, either from my body, my inner child, or empathically from others.

Feelings aren't the Truth. Feelings are often attached to memories, which can color the present. When you're triggered, you suddenly feel ten years old again. In reality you're an adult and you're able to drive! Body's feelings are attached to it's own survival, which can distort the situation's accuracy. It's just a relationship or job that is ending, you're not dying!

It's normal to grieve loss. Yet often one is grieving the loss of something never had.

Reality is like a wonderful ocean of feelings. There are different levels of currents and temperatures. The deeper you go into physical form, the more dense and dark it is.

Our bodies are Our creations to swim in this sea. Our bodies experience feelings, manifest feelings and receive feelings. As Creators, We enjoy feelings and love Our bodies. We create storylines to make everything more interesting!

But We're not attached to them. As Essence, We're greater, We encompass *all* realities.

When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I dove into "her" storyline. I created connecting more with almost all my other family members, so I get to empathically experience their emotions, too. The great thing about Alzheimer's, my mother doesn't remember she has it, so she wasn't depressed.

Then she fell and broke her pelvis and the Physical Therapist pointed out she was recovering better than someone with normal memory because she wasn't dwelling on everything she couldn't do. But she needs continuous reminders so she doesn't try to cross her legs when sitting or walk without a cane or walker!

Now she's been diagnosed with lung cancer. I can just hear the Cosmic Scriptwriters "But wait - there's more!". It must be Sweeps Week for them. But the blessing of Alzheimer's, the information hasn't stuck.

As Essence, my mother is *very* creative! And, as Essence, since I'm swimming in this sea with her, I'm *very* creative, too. I can appreciate this as Essence, but my body is *very* uncomfortable.

Even though feelings aren't the Truth, they're my body's language to communicate with Me. I can let my body have it's feelings, but stay in the driver's seat by remembering I'm Essence. I can parent my Inner Child by not dissing it's emotions but I can stay in the driver's seat by staying in present time.

As Essence I can go with the flow of this storyline, not swimming against the current (dutifully taking my mother to doctor's, etc.) but changing what I can (feeding her super healthy foods, doing Matrix, etc.).

There's a wonderful harmony to be had between body, personality, and Essence. Body resonates the bass tones, personality resonates the tenor/alto, and Essence is soaring soprano.

When I'm out of harmony, it's because I'm expecting or resisting. I'm expecting What Is to be different, I'm resisting my body or inner child or personality's feelings. When I allow the expression of discomfort, it blends in with my Essence, which is always resonating joy or amusement.

Notice the song that your chorus is singing. Allow every note, however quiet or stringent. Even dissonance can be harmonious.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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