Friday, September 30, 2011

What Success Really Looks Like

(c) 2011 Joan M. Newcomb

If you look at anyone you deem successful, their path to success was not a straight, meteoric rise upwards.  They had detours and failures and sidetracks.  All of which were very valuable; great learning's to be had achieving undesirable results.  You learn how *not* to do it that way!

We're always looking for the quick fix, the easy method, the least painful way.  We judge ourselves (and others) who are going too slow, spinning their wheels, not doing it "right". 

If we actually get success the easy way, we often find that it's not what we wanted in the first place.  The right job, the right spouse, the right material things, feel hollow.  We're supposed to be happy having these things and we're miserable instead.

It makes you wonder, what *is* success, anyway? defines it as "The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts."  An obsolete meaning is simply "outcome".  In which case, any result is successful!

I look at the illustration at the beginning of this post, and it reminds me of a journey through life.  What is considered a successful life?  The length?  The legacy?  The amount of places someone's visited, the amount of toys accumulated, or the amount of money left behind?

Life isn't a result, it's a journey.  To me, there is great value in experiences.  We're here in physical form to feel emotions and sensations, every delicious moment of it.  But there's great value in human interaction.  As non-physical we're Unity, it's all joyous, ecstatic Love.  There's no separation outside of the physical realm.  However in form we experience loneliness and distance.  Individuation.  So interacting with others, we get to really appreciate differences that we don't have outside of Form.

Life is messy.  It's complicated.  It's not summed up in one story but a myriad of subplots. 

So a successful life is a messy life.  It matters not what's on your resume, it's wringing every drop of deliciousness out of the experience being here.  It's staying in integrity with your Essence.  Or not (because you learn what if feels like when you're out of alignment).

Just realize that when you're on the other side, you will love and appreciate everything, absolutely everything that you did, said, or felt while you were here.  There's no judgment, no right or wrong, no record of sins.  Perhaps the only desire is the wish to jump in the pool and do it all again.

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