Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life Is Unfair (?)

(c) 2011 Joan M. Newcomb

The TV Show "Malcolm In The Middle"'s theme song lyrics went something like this:

You're not the boss of me, now
You're not the boss of me, now
You're not the boss of me, now
And you're not so big
-- Life is unfair!

Life is unfair.  Life is unjust.  Bad things happen to good people.  What's up with that?

I can tell versions of my life story that paint me as the victim.  If I'm caught up in my story of 'so-and-so did this to me, or cheated me out of that' I can get really pissed off.

However, in order to buy those versions, I have to see life as happening to me.  In order to think of life being unfair, or unjust, I have to view things through the ethics of good and bad, right and wrong.  Little babies should not die, be abused, go hungry, fill in the blank. 

There have been times I've been furious at God for giving me "too much" to deal with. 

When we get caught up with issues of fairness, or justice, we're viewing the world through limited lenses.  We believe that we are powerless over circumstances, that children are helpless, that either we're not in control of our lives, or that something bigger than us sits in judgement over our actions.

Or we have ethics or expectations that life should be fair.  Everyone "should be" alloted with equal amounts of good looks, good luck, and money.  Nice people should win, every time.

Because it's bad to die young, to be poor, to be sick, to be uncomfortable.

When I'm identifying as my body/personality, the physical form that is x years old, weighs so many pounds, and isn't going to make it out of this lifetime alive, I tend to take things *very* seriously!  It's better to live a long life, because bodies don't like to die!  Bodies don't like to feel uncomfortable, either.

Bodies are physically separate from other bodies, so comparisons can be made.  Differences can be threatening.

But we aren't our bodies.  We're not our personalities, either (however unique and special they may be).  We are Essence.

Essence is all of this.  And it's bigger than all of this.  As Essence, we created everything.  We created form, our vehicle, and our storyline.  We dove into our bodies and our lives with the enthusiasm and excitement of an expert thespian, raring for the role on this worldly stage.

As one level, you can look around at others and realize, they're Essence, too.  They are powerful creators.  The more complicated the storyline, the more capable they are.  You created being born, and every aspect of it from parents to location.  An infant is a very Powerful Being.

Essence Perspective is neutral, expansive and amused.  It's easy to be amused when You never die, and all you feel is pure Joy.

From Essence Perspective, unfairness doesn't make any sense.  Injustice doesn't exist.  Everything just is, things happen or don't happen.  You experience this, or you experience that.  In fact, *everything* is happening, in all posible combinations and outcomes.

If you can imagine the most complex on-line Wii game in which every plot is already anticipated, that's what life is.  An aspect of you is experiencing this version and in a parallel universe, you're experiencing the opposite.  In another, something completely different.

We make things more painful and difficult for ourselves when we color our lenses with ethics and expectations.  If it shouldn't be the way it is, then it wouldn't be.  It would be something else.

However unhappy your body/personality is with the current state of affairs, You as Essence is gleeful.  It is really, really fun to roll in the mud of existence.  Feelings are delicious, even the most dense ones.

Life isn't fair.  Nor is it unfair.  Neither is it unjust.  Life just is. 

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