Friday, November 11, 2011

Abundance Manfestations

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb  

With the world economy falling like dominoes, and the Occupy movement spreading throughout the globe, it seems timely to talk about abundance and manifestations.

There's a collective dissatisfaction about lack of prosperity, with 99% pointing fingers at 1%.  The unifying belief is "They" did this to "Us".

It's hard not to see things this way.  It's hard not to take the foreclosures and layoffs personally, especially if you're unemployed and behind on your mortgage payments.

If you just look at the "facts", it looks like years of abuse by corporations and governments.  It looks like people's and countries' financial futures are being wiped out, forcing them into many years of austerity as a result.

If you look at it "historically", there's patterns of economic booms and busts going back centuries (mellenia?) - we've had many recessions, depressions and prosperity, "gold rushes".

Looking at it through the eyes of Spirit/Source or Essence, it's Expansion and contraction.  Breathing in, breathing out. To Consciousness, it's equally creative.  There is no good or bad.  Poverty is an equal manifestation to plenty.

It's all an adventure in density and effort.  To an actor, it's more exciting to take on a role filled with pain and anguish.  (Although comedy is more difficult than drama)!

Many years ago, I lost everything I thought was important to me.  A home where I'd given birth to my children, where I'd lived longer than anywhere else in my life, and five acres where I'd grown a co-creative garden with Nature and buried many pets.  I felt I was a Steward of that land.  As I mourned the loss, Nature informed me that I'm a Steward of the *planet*.  Every tree and beach and ocean is My creation.

Specific details such as jobs and houses are temporary, but the overarching energy of creation is forever.  Align with Essence and step into the flow and you realize nothing is lost.  It's *all* abundance. 

Whatever you're manifesting in your life, it's evidence of Your creativity as Spirit/Source/Essence.  You may have an abundance of problems! It's still abundance!

Notice if you're matching the prevalent energy of  the job market or economy.  What you match, you create in your life.  To make a shift, step up and out of the energy level.

Try this, whenever you think of it, for this week. And see what happens!

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