Friday, November 18, 2011

Dead People Portals

©2011 Joan M. Newcomb
Today's the 8th anniversary of a friend of mind's death.  It's not the exact date, but it's the Friday before Thanksgiving.  I'd become more and more aware of his energy around over the last month, leading up to today.

People's entrance and exit points (birth and death days) are important portals for them, and you'll feel their energy more strongly at those times.  Anniversaries and holidays also are times when 'the veil' is thinner between dimensions so communication is easier during this time of year.

I've been looking through lots of family photos as I prepare to move my 85 year old mother from her home.  I collected a few to share with my dad, and when I showed them to him, I was surprised to get a sense of history as he looked at them.  To him, his parents died 15 and 30 years ago, and the photos were taken in 1969.  To me, I see the beings in the pictures and sense their Presence, so they're still alive.  I forget that when you believe someone is dead, it creates interference with them.

If you don't believe in phones, you won't ever call anyone.  But phones work, even if you can't see the phone lines or comprehend how our voices can travel around the world yet sound like we're in the same room together.

Dead people are easier to talk to - there's less Ego distortion (on their side) but harder to hear (due to distortions in perception on our side).

You have to hear dead people with all your senses, not just your ears.  Most people aren't clairaudient, so it's less likely you'll hear their voice.  But they show up are feelings, thoughts, impressions, and revelations.  Or quirky (or poignant) coincidences.  I've mentioned before that my dead friend keeps showing up as Silver PT Cruisers, because that's the color and make of the car that hit him as he rode his bicycle.  It used to really freak me out, but now I understand it's his way of showing Instant Joy, since death feels ecstatically joyous.

Some people find it validating to write a letter to their deceased loved one, and then write down their response.  When you read it later, you'll discover you couldn't possibly have made it up.
Holding onto grief blocks communication, so let yourself mourn when you feel like it.  It clears your telepathic lines.

It also helps to be in stillness or silence, because the physical realm is filled with distractions.  Walking in nature is a great way to tune into higher dimensions.

This time of year can really suck if you've lost someone important to you.  Realize that no one is ever really gone.  Just because you can't see them any more, doesn't mean they're not there.

Besides being comforting to you, dead people really love it when you communicate with them as it validates their existence.

If you want to connect with someone who's passed, try journaling, walking in nature, taking time to be still, or just let yourself be highly aware of quirky coincidences.  Practice increases confidence.

Try this for the next week and see what happens!

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