Friday, December 9, 2011

Changing Universes

(c) 2011 Joan M. Newcomb

Ever had times in your life when you had to stop going in the direction you were heading and go somewhere else?  Or circumstances descended on you and shifted your reality significantly.

Things like that happen, and suddening you're in a different Universe. The outer world may or may not look the same, but inside everything is completely different.

A beloved parent drops dead from a heart attack.  Your company goes bankrupt.  You discover your husband is cheating on you.  Major impacts on your road through life.

When things that happen to you like the examples above, it's like changing lanes or routes due to an accident.  You react, respond, but the initial force feels outside of your control.

Then there are situations where you deliberately choose the change.  You decide to quit graduate school.  You adopt a child.  You switch careers.

Sometimes there's a catalyst for the redirection.  The mistress.  The drugs.  The fire.

Looking back, often you thank the catalysts or final straws because otherwise you would have stayed stuck for years.  They are gifts or divine interventions.

We all have infinite parallel universes available to us, and infinite parallel selves existing simultaneous.  So there are no mistakes, there's another You who took that risk and succeeded.  There's a parallel Self who kept the house in the divorce.

Each action takes us through a portal to a different experience.  Some feel better than others. However bad it is, it's all good.  Your Essence (the part that's tracking *all* of your Selves) is thoroughly enjoying every story line, savoring the bitter-sweetness of every loss, sipping the deliciousness of every creation.

As you move forward from now, know that you are At Choice in all your actions (even the ones where you cannot imagine any other way) and that your Essence creates your reality (even the things or people that seem to happen to you).

Shifting to the bigger perspective eases the pain and diminishes the drama.  Navigating as Essence (making choices as your Expanded Self) leads you to greater inner peace.

Try this for the next week and see what happens!

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Francis Cook said...

Very well said! I have tried to "Be" in the moment but this world does not allow this for very long. My only option is to wait for the next thing to happen and try to anticipate how to respond correctly. Life is never dull!