Friday, December 30, 2011

Quality vs. Quantity

(c) 2011 Joan M Newcomb

I have a tendency to wolf down my food and gulp my drinks.  I think it comes from growing up with 3 brothers, a feeling that they'd eat all the dessert if I didn't finish dinner in time.

A sure way for me to lose a few pounds is to slow down and taste what I'm eating!

There are some people who are Human Goings (rather than Human Beings, or even Human Doings, since doing implies a result).  Their idea of a good time is a jam packed itinerary.  On one hand I can understand the desire to suck every last drop out of life, but do they really savor the experience?

More is not always better.

Evolutionary anthropologist Robin Dunbar says our brains can't maintain stable relationships with more than 150 people (which makes you think about how many Facebook & Twitter connections you have).

Interesting to notice that sometimes attempts at intimacy are actually running away from it

Mankind is always trying to replicate Spirit, or try to get back to the core feeling of Being.  As Essence, we can be everywhere at once.  Frenzied activity is our trying to make our bodies be everywhere at once.  As Essence we are connected with everyone and everything.  Those with thousands of friends and followers may be trying to reclaim that feeling of connection with All that Is - or- how We Feel when we're Being, being  ALL that Is.

Our bodies are limited - through them we only experience one lifetime at a time, one day at a time.  In order to go to Sri Lanka (beyond web surfing), we have to put our body on a plane and fly many hours.

Why fly there when you can web surf? Because it feels different physically standing there.

Why have a body when as Essence you are Infinite?  Everywhere at once? All knowing?  Perfect Unity and Joy?

We create manifesting through the physical because it's fun.  It requires slowing Our vibration down and narrowing Our focus.

And it seems the moment we come in through a body, we spend the rest of our time trying to regain the expansive feel of Source.

We don't really need to run around trying to have Cosmic experiences, when We *are* Cosmos.  We're not going to miss anything if we slow down to smell the roses.  That's why we created noses.  And roses.

It's as if we've been served the most delicious dish at a gourmet restaurant and we spend the entire meal looking at the plates on the next table.  Savor what's in front of you because that's what You created.  

You're not missing anything because You are Everything.

The moment we die, We're Source Energy again.  That's not entirely accurate.  We're Source Energy while our bodies are alive, too.  But the moment we die, We remember it. We regain the feeling of Unity and the ability to be everywhere at once, everything at once.

What stays with us from this life is Love, and our connection with those we love.

Knowing this, how would this change your choices and actions?

What would you prioritize?  What would your "Bucket List" be like?

This week, go about your life focusing on quality - the quality of your interactions with friends and family.  Savor life experiences.  See what transforms when you do!

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