Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Death Experiences

(c) 2012 Joan M Newcomb
I've written about my experience with a friend who died, what I've learned from him since he passed.  He's still very present, just more diffuse.  He shows up when I think of him, but also pops up at unexpected times (usually symbolized by a silver PT Cruiser, the vehicle that hit him).

This last week, I did a Matrix/Reading session for someone who is dying.  It was very interesting, and I wanted to share some of what I learned.

I've always thought that the energy of death is identical to the energy of birth.  I had both my kids at home, without medication, and can attest to how powerful the energy is, as an Infinite Being comes into form.  It's Love embodied.  When you have kids, it opens your heart and you feel Love so purely, a way not possible without them.

When my friend died, I remember feeling that love; it felt like the essence of what anyone wants in a relationship, and it's possible because of all the twists and turns of personality and history.

With the person who was dying, I looked at their process of leaving.  It is birthing back into the Infinite.  Rather than squeezing into form, they're expanding into the All-That-Is.  It looks ecstatic!

Intellectually, I already knew that, but before seeing it in last week's session, I never quite realized or understood it before.

The other thing I saw was that their remaining time gave them an opportunity to hang out with friends and loved ones in body.  But it was for the friends and loved ones' sake... they're the ones that are going to feel loss, they're going to think this person is gone when their body dies.  In actuality, they're expanding, getting bigger, they're not going to feel any loss, they're going to feel EVERYTHING.  Not just a part of everything, but become EVERYTHING.

Which doesn't mean they're a drop of water disappeared into the ocean.  My sense with my dead friend is they're still there, but it's my awareness that concentrates them into moments (usually).

Communication is still possible, it's just different.  I like to say it's like a bad cell phone connection.  They're easier to talk to (because the personality barriers are gone) but harder to hear (because of our expectations).  We think we should hear their voice, or receive full sentences.  Without a body, you impart (and receive) feelings and impressions.

I also looked at someone with Alzheimer's (farther along than my mother's).  Energetically, the body personality was collapsed over them, like the empty shell a catapiller leaves behind.  It's organic matter, but the light is gone.  The dying person had their own body personality collapsing, but their light was concentrated deep within it.  It helped me understand my mother's process (whose light is still very present, but the body personality programs are running strongly at times without her at the controls).  It helped me understand our death process, our Light birthing back to source.

Anyone who's ever birthed and raised an infant knows that it's not all coos and cuddles.  Creating a body, and then learning to roll over, crawl and walk, causes sleepless nights and frustration.  Leaving a body, the body breaking down so it can't walk and eventually can't roll over, also sleepless nights and frustration.  Leaving is a painful process on the physical level.

From the perspective of Essence, it's as exciting as birth.  Rather than Infinite squeezing into a little infant form, it's the opposite. It expansion times infinity equals JOY. You can't see that without being awed. People dying, people who've died, should be celebrated, they've moved into something WonderFull. And if we could only understand that they're not gone, they're more HERE than ever, we'd be happy for them. Our hearts can be filled with Love.

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Francis Cook said...

I will take your word for this. Never had a child and those that die around me never come back to comment. Interesting how we look at life/death. How do you know what is real?