Friday, March 16, 2012

Life is a Road Trip

©2012 Joan M. Newcomb

Life's a multidimensional road trip.  Other's lives interweave and intersect with ours, but our navigation is purely our own.

Life is not predestined, although there are certain landmarks along the way.  Your route is innately your own.

We have some Free Will to navigate.  We have the choice to step out of fixed patterns, to go towards or away from certain patterns.

What we don't understand, at least not early enough, is that every thought, word, deed and action can contribute to your journey, can have quite an affect, years down the road.

There are no mistakes on this road trip.  It doesn't matter if you go left or go right, or stand still.  It's all good. It's all part of the Life Experience.

Your parents manufactured your body, gave you "driving lessons" but it's up to you to make your trek.
At some point you may find their information no longer pertinent.  Just because they think you should have your MSW does *not* mean that's a definite stop on your path.

Your siblings, friends, other family members may have opinions, even kind advice, but they're not driving *your* car (body).  They all want to keep intersecting and interweaving with you, which can be lovely.

It's not lovely when it restricts your growth.

Sometimes when you're stuck in a traffic jam, or have hit bad weather, or on a long, boring stretch of highway, it's hard to own that you are the navigator and the driver of your life.

It's interesting to look back, after getting through those periods, and see how everything came together precisely to create the crisis, or hitting bottom.  You may feel you couldn't possibly have chosen to go through it.

And yet, everything unfolds.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Things get better.  Often more perfect things evolve out of very imperfect circumstances.

So it you are at that part of your journey, you feel you've been head-butting a brick wall, don't feel too bad.  Keep head butting, or stop head butting.  It will change.

The people who say that there's no Free Will are not acknowledging they are both their personalities *and* their Expanded Selves.  Personality is really part of the car/body/vehicle.  It's what makes the experience fun. As your Expanded Self, Essence, Infinite, you see where you are now, and the road ahead.  When you are lined up and in agreement with You, everything flows easily.  Even if sucky things are happening, it still feels like things are okay.

Making choices *as* your Expanded Self is really the way to go.  Unless you prefer to detour through the wrong side of Chicago or head to the Florida Keys for the next hurricane (there are no mistakes, it's all good...).

This week, relax and enjoy the ride.

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