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On The 7th Day He Rested

On the7th Day He Rested ©2012 Joan M. Newcomb

Years ago I worked for a Church and one of the classes taught at the time was Psychic View of the Bible (it was *that* kind of Church).  I remember being told that only 10% of the Bible is accurate, because of all of the times it's been edited over the years.

In order to glean the Truth, you have to read it with Your own intuition.  One of the things I noticed was the story of creation, and how God took a break on the 7th day.  Really?  Omnipotent Consciousness, needing a break?

I realized it was a message to Consciousness in physical form that our bodies need breaks.  Our bodies need rest.  Consciousness never rests, Awareness is always Observing.

But our physical form needs a nap once in a while.

When we start on a spiritual path or a path of seeking higher Conscious- ness, we want to ignore the needs of the body.  Highly spiritual gurus and lamas and sages over the centuries have become celibate, gone on fasts, hung out in the wilderness (although most of that story was symbolic).

It's kind of missing the point.  We *are* Spirit, we're *already* spiritual.  We don't need to go out there to "get it", we don't need to starve or deprive the body to achieve enlightenment.  

The idea of not giving the body rest, or food, or affection, is based on the concept that it is a distraction or something to be disciplined.

Would you not give your child rest, or food, or affection?  You'd be an abusive parent!

We are Consciousness in physical form.  Not 'the power and presence of God'.  Not 'an aspect of God'.  We ARE Consciousness.

As Consciousness we are wise, all loving, eternally amused, infinitely compassionate.  We already know everything, we just can't/don't access all Our information because these bodies can only download so much before our circuits fry!  

Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, can help raise our vibration to allow more energy/information in, but it still has limitations.

And that's why it needs naps.  And food.  And love.

Our bodies only know what they've experience from the moment they are born.  Our bodies are fearful of the future because they exist in the present moment.  The future represents death to the body because it doesn't exist out there.  It can freak out when You make so many changes in your life it doesn't have previous data to go on in order to function.  The future is a higher vibratory level that the body hasn't accelerated to yet.

The past can be both comforting and depressing to the body, because it's been there, but it's not there now.  The past is a lower vibratory level, the body has already grown beyond it, and to try to match the past or stay in it is invalidating.  Like keeping your 7 year old in kindergarten.

If you care for your body, it will take You where you want to go on your spiritual journey through life.  Most people's struggle with advancement is because their bodies are holding them back, just like a tired or hungry two year old is going to slow you down when traveling!

You can take responsibility for your body just as a loving parent would care for a child.  You can acknowledge it when it works hard, give it healthy food, put it to bed at a reasonable time, love it and nurture it in the ways you may not have received love and nurturing from your biological parents.

Addictions are a slightly different story.  It's when the body's needs are distorted and the addict personality is off and running the show.  Would you let your drunk or high teenager drive?

At the core of any addiction is the body's desire for comfort, to be pain free.  That first drink feels great.  That 10th one feels horrible.  

You are *not* caring for your body by letting it eat gallons of ice cream and zone out in front of the TV.  It doesn't feel good after a night like that.

It takes you further away from what you are really seeking.

The body can resist and be angry when you start to take charge after letting it run the show in that way.  There are spiritual programs for dealing with any addiction.  The 12 steps were actually based on 6 steps from a mystical group (extra steps were added so there weren't any loop holes for addicts to sneak through)!

Addiction thinks it is God, so it blocks Consciousness (although Conscious- ness is always there, just stepped back and waiting). At such times, it takes a supportive group of people who've 'been there' to offer experience, strength and hope in detoxing the body, recovering the personality, regaining spiritual awareness.

In the present moment, where your body exists, everything is very, very well.  You have everything you need.  Oxygen, daylight, nature.  It is the place where You, Consciousness, can manifest in physical form to experience the ecstatic wonder of physical sensation.  It's where you can initiate change, creation of experiences.

That's all you need to do this week, is be in present time, respond to your body when it expresses it's needs, and enjoy the sunshine!

Try this for 7 days and see what happens! 

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