Friday, March 30, 2012


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TRANSMUTE: to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature, especially to a higher form

The Buddhists talk about transmutation of emotion.  They have specific practices that help take blocked or stuck emotions, such as anger or hatred, and transform them into love or compassion.

Transmutation is transformation on all levels.  Something has literally mutated into something new and completely different.  It's previous form is gone.  You could say that catepillars transmute into butterflies.

There have been times when my life has transmuted into something completely different.  Within a matter of months, everything familiar has disintergrated and I find myself in a startling or shocking new reality.

What's comforting about this is knowing that, no matter how stuck you presently feel, it's possible to change.  What's disconcerting about this is knowing that, no matter how stable or secure your present circumstances are, it's possible to change.

You could be in a lifelong feud with a relative and find yourself spontaneously hugging them at a funeral.  Years of resentment disappear with one unconsciously generated gesture of affection.

You could think you're in a stable and happy long term marriage and accidentally stumble across evidence of an affair.  Life turns upside down in one heartbreaking moment.

Everything is evolving to a higher form, even if it doesn't presently look like it.  Many people need to bottom out before facing their addiction.  It may look like everything is going downhill, but it's just gaining momentum for miracles. 

Terrible, traumatic experiences can transmute into the best thing that ever happened to you.  Sometimes it takes a few years to be able to look back and appreciate being laid off months before retirement.

We have the opportunity to deepen and mature as individuals in growing through difficult times.

Transmutating ain't pretty.  Birth is messy.  Transmutation can be instantaneous, but it can also take time. 

How can you facilitate transmutation?  If you want to stop feeling stuck, release holding on to what is.  Let go of fear; welcome change.  You may be in effort from trying  hard to make things different. 
Quit trying.  The floodgates could open, and everything you've been wanting could come to you!

This week, there's nothing to do.  Do nothing to try to change, fix or improve, for 7 days and see what happens!

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