Friday, June 29, 2012

Scouts, Pioneers & Settlers

©2012 Joan Newcomb

In the three decades I've been doing professional Psychic readings, I've noticed people have core essential tendencies.  I used to think there were only two, and then learned they break down into at least four, or aspects of the two primary ones.  Since my training was Clairvoyant, I've seen these as colors, but other people may recognize them through their vibratory levels - how they 'feel', or how they sense them to be.  I'm finding it helpful to acknowledge people's essences, it's both validating to them, and gives me greater understanding and appreciation of them and their part in the world.

I've spent the last few days with Settlers and it's been really interesting.  They are salt-of-the-Earth, grounded and sensible, Mid-Westerners.  The kind who remain faithful and married forever.  The ones who have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, and are active and interested in their lives.  They're likely to stay with the same company they joined straight out of college, and are loyal and hardworking employees right through getting their gold watch at retirement.

They set the standard for 'how things Should be', the mainstream majority.  Energetically, they can be deep Blue (this is how I see their core Essence, other's may see them as a different color), their vibration alto or bass notes, they may seem to be slow moving but they may actually be methodical and thoughtful in their decision making.  They feel grounded and down-to-Earth.  And they play and important part in the evolution of Consciousness, which I'll get to in a moment.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Scouts.  They're information seekers, dreamers and explorers.  Scouts are out there on the leading edge, looking for the newest thing, the undiscovered country.  Scouts may come off as ungrounded or fickle, as they don't stay still long enough for grass grow to under their feet.   They are very comfortable with change, they may be nomads as their work may require them to move or travel frequently. They're creative people who come up with all sorts of story plots but never write the novels.   It may be hard for them to stay married to one person unless they either have a spouse as mercurial as they are, or who acts as their anchor person, giving them a stable base (or the weighted string to their Helium balloon)!  Scouts may come off as flakey, because they never seem to produce anything.

Scouts core energy is a bright, light yellow.  Their vibration is very high, soprano or tenor, it's very quick and fast moving, like a hummingbird.

I've just realized that Scouts are not necessarily Trail-Blazers.  Trail-Blazers are explorers, but they do create a pathway of sorts for someone else to follow.  They pass the information back to others, so those people can do something with it.  Just like Scouts, they don't sit still very long.  They may be workshop facilitators or keynote speakers, who give out concepts, tools and techniques in a one-shot doses.  It's up to someone else to develop deeper curriculum.

A great example of a successful blended Scout/Trail-blazer is Richard Branson.  Part of his genius is the ability to delegate, to find the right people to bring his ideas into form and maintain his companies.

Trail-Blazers are sunlight Yellow, they produce bolder notes, a contralto or baritone vibration.  They are quick moving but not hyperactive like Scouts.  They can be charismatic, you want to follow them.

It seems like there are fewer Scouts and Trail-Blazers in the world, but it may be that predominant cultures don't encourage these kinds of Beings, so they're underground, closet, or unrecognized.  Scouts and Trail-blazers often feel like they don't belong in their families or home environments, they feel "different", but that's because they're not meant to replicate established patterns.

Pioneers pile folks into covered wagons and bravely go down the trails previously blazed.  They are enthusiastic communicators, coaches and teachers, and inspire others to take risks and move forward in life.    They are curious about new things and excited about change, but they bring their family with them.  They are great balancers between the Scouts, Trail-Blazers and Settlers.

Pioneers are sky blue.  Their vibration is clear and strong, and may be on many levels.  There are more Pioneers than Scouts and Trail-Blazers, and probably a lot of Pioneers masquerading as Settlers.

Each aspect contributes an important element to the evolution of Consciousness.  Scouts bring in the first sparks of the next level of Being.  They may be 'ahead of their time'.  They inspire and bring new thoughts into the highest level of awareness.  They operate outside the box, color outside the lines. They dance to a different drummer.

Trail-Blazers tune into these sparks and germinate them.  They create prototypes.  They seem like rebels, because they seem unable to play by the rules or follow directions, but that's because their inner purpose is about breaking old patterns and initiating new ones.  They're the ones blazing new trails to the next level of Comprehension.

Pioneers help bring the rest of humanity up to speed with the new way of Being.  They create a safe space for others to try new things.

And Settlers bring the new things into form, ground the new ideas into Reality.  They make the New established, make it into the Norm.  Whereupon the cycle starts over again.

Now we may be more than one of these aspects.  We may be one kind when we're younger and evolve into another kind as we get older.  We may be one kind at home and another kind in our careers.

It's important to know what your core Essence is, because then you'll know why you're unhappy in areas of your life, because you're acting against your Inner Purpose.  It will help you align with the Essence of Who You Are and help you move forward along (or deeper into) your path.

Maybe you're in a job that requires you to be outgoing, make cold calls, try new things, and you're really happiest tinkering on one probably by yourself at the office.  Your essence is about bringing something into form.  Perhaps there's another position that's a better fit for you.

Maybe you've been experiencing conflict in your relationship because you're expecting your partner to be the same way you are.  When you acknowledge what their Essence is, you can appreciate their uniqueness and the gifts they are giving.

I haven't mention Catalysts or Avatars as they're few and far between (and not likely to be reading this).    Catalysts jolt people into awakening.  They bring a striking transformation into the world.  They may perform miracles.  Their energy is lime or light Green, the color of births and deaths.  Avatars are Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed.  The evolutionary energy they brought into Consciousness is Gold, and provide a gentle healing that enables people to bring more of their Spirit into Form. Avatars move everyone up a level.

Which one are You?  This week, notice what your natural tendency is, and whether you are going with it or holding it back in some way.

Take steps towards being more Who you are Essentially, and see what happens!

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