Friday, July 6, 2012

The Last Bastion of Old Power

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

Here I am in Washington DC during an election year.  It is such an interesting manifestation.  The main game or learning point of the city seems to be power.  And as with everything else on the planet, what makes up the old paradigm is exactly what is breaking down.

The paragons of old power were tall, white males.  A study of corporate CEOs showed them to be predominantly Caucasian males, and over 6' tall.

I don't know how tall most of the members of the House and Senate are, but most of them are white, and they are male.

The paradigm of old power is external, power outside of itself.  It dominates, it competes, and it diminishes others.  There's a collective impression that the majority of senators and representatives are wealthy, and it seems that the main focus is to diminish the working class, women, firefighters, school teachers, the unemployed, this list goes on.

It's a pattern that started a good 12 years ago, and we've seen citizens in this country slowly lose their civil rights, the environment lose it's protections, it's felt in some ways we've returned to the 1950's.  With issues such as Homeland Security, we've returned to the 1930's (we might as well call it Fatherland Security).

We've had a glimmer of Hope with a tall, black male as president, who embodies many energies required for the transformation we're collectively undergoing.  It's hard for us to appreciate how much he's already done cleaning up the country, as there was such a mess to begin with.  People have short memories, so they blame him for the patterns that were originated prior to his coming into office.

Also, the personalities embodying the patterns that are dying are making the loudest noise.  It feels like the world will come to an end, if they let go of the illusion of control.  It is like an alcoholic on their way to hitting bottom - their addict personality will fight it's hardest to retain power.

As I'm writing this, I'm also reflecting on the Catholic Church - another old power paradigm run by white males.  They are equally embroiled with maintaining external dominance (priests, after all, are the only direct connections to God), diminishing the power of nuns, etc.  It's the same pattern, different robes.

We are collectively experiencing an evolution of Consciousness.  What is emerging is New Power - power within.  Our uniqueness is our strength.  As we bring our Essence more into form, we are becoming aligned with God within.  We aren't a reflection of God, we each *are* God.

Not an egoic interpretation of God - we're not little Napoleons.  Our life force energy *is* God.  God can be everywhere at once, and it's all equally powerful.

New Consciousness, New Power requires more personal responsibility.  We each need to respond as Spirit with a Body, not a Body/Personality with a Soul.

The imbalance in the world today is from body/personalities responding from fear and powerlessness.  Great Old Paragons are fearful of losing their money and their status.  People allow themselves to be dominated and manipulated, because they perceive themselves as less than.

When you acknowledge yourself as Essence, expansive, joyous, and infinite, you have no need to dominate others, and others aren't able to dominate you.  Bullies don't bully someone who stands up for themselves.

Wherever you are on the planet, you can contribute to the transformation by recognizing yourself as Essence and responding as an Infinite Being.  It can completely change your reality.  Problems will no longer seem like problems or will completely disappear.  People will either treat you differently or vanish from your storyline.  (Sometimes plots will drop into your storyline to assist you with this)!

As *you* respond from your Infiniteness, it creates a ripple effect out into the world.  It helps empower others to stand up and do the same.  It helps to dissipate the Old Power patterns.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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