Friday, August 3, 2012

Of Death & Dying

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

This morning my husband asked me about this person who had a stroke.  I'd had a 'visitation' by them last weekend, which alarmed me (I thought they had passed).  It turned out they were in a medically induced coma, so I assume they're flying free of their body while it rests and recovers.

Today I saw the person reaching upwards, with longing.  There are many ways to interpret this.  It could be that he's still deciding.  Almost everyone I've heard who has had a Near Death Experience hasn't wanted to come back.  It's too joyous, too wonderful.  They're always told that it's not their time, they still have much left to do, etc.

I could interpret what I saw was this person, the Being or Essence of them, wishing to remain in the All That Is.  It may not mean that they actually are dying.

But I wondered if I was viewing it through my body's ethics.  Bodies want to live.  Bodies think that a long life is the best life.  Bodies are uncomfortable with dying, it freaks them out.  As Spirit, Essence, Being, we're neutral, since we never die.  Letting go of this body is as effortless as getting out of the car.  We know we'll have another physical vehicle after this one.

As Non-Physical, there is no time or space, everything is existing at once, so any life time occurs in the blink of an eye.  Whether you're 100 or 36 years or 3 months, there's no good or bad about the length of life or the timing of your exit.  It's always full and complete and satisfying.

When I've read families who have had a child who died, even a miscarriage or a stillborn, the Being is always still part of the family unit.  They're in their 'light body' rather than a physical one.  Sometimes they even take an angelic role with the rest of the family members.

With the person who had a stroke (who is still unconscious even though they were taken off the medication), I wondered whether their dying would fulfill a greater purpose than living.  I wonder about the reverberative effects on their friends, family and community if they passed.

I remember when Princess Diana was killed, I looked at it energetically and saw her instantly become a million stars, which meant to me that her energy spread out around the planet (perhaps to all the lives she touched).  I saw that she'd done what she had come to do, which was change the direction of the British monarchy.  It had taken an awful lot of energy to fulfill that purpose, and she was complete with it.

I'm not so clear on other people's passing (Heath Ledger came to mind).  But I feel that everyone goes when it's their time.  And everyone is still here, at the same time.

We're all connected on an Essence level, we're never separated, whether one person is alive "in body" and the other's body has died.

I also see that we have a gestational process when we die.  If we die slowly, of an illness, we complete that process while still in physical form.  If someone die suddenly, you may feel them hanging around while they finish things up.

My mother in law passed in January, and I've been feeling her a lot recently.  I think it's an anniversary time for her.  Last July she moved herself from an independent living retirement community to an apartment in the city, and it started a downward trend for her (even though a physical illness didn't manifest until September).

I think the Being made the decision this time last year, which is why I'm feeling her now.

We think of time progressing linearly but energetically it looks like a spiral.  People who are non-physical are outside the bounds of time and space and yet it seems they are in their own spiral as well.  Our 'rings' touch at anniversary points (and also physical points sometimes, like where they were buried or lived).

I'm in an interesting process with my mother who's been on home hospice for lung cancer since December.  Because she has Alzheimer's, she doesn't always remember she has cancer.  We haven't told her she's dying because she doesn't have the emotional filters to process that information.  As a Being, she set the process in motion a good 15 months ago, but her body is taking it's own sweet time about it.  Since no one 'gave her the memo', she's happy and active, even as things supposedly progress.  She's already surpassed several time expectancies, and I'm curious to see how things continue.

On the other hand, I just learned another relative (who does not have dementia) was given 3-6 months.  It's too bad she has a time line, it just adds to what she has to deal with.  I'd like to think she'll defy the odds as well, but my inner sense is that she may go more quickly because she was told the statistical average.

My husband reminded me of when we were at a funeral some years ago, for a man he'd known.  We both had the strong impression that the man was in a very happy place (an odd juxtaposition with all who had gathered to mourn him).

As Spirit, we are are ecstatically happy and free, even while manifesting through a body.  Our body may feel sad or depressed or scared, but as Spirit we're amused or excited, even delighted.

When our bodies die, we become fully non-physical, it feels like we're reunited with All That Is (although in reality we were never separate).  It's a wonderful experience.

It feels sad to us that remain in body, because our bodies think when someone dies, they're gone.  It's hard to reconcile the body's intense pain around dying, with our Spirit's knowing how miraculously special it is.

Almost every reading I've done for someone who is dead, they show me the 'astronaut's backward flip' - like what you see on TV when an astronaut is in zero gravity.  The dead person is showing me how much fun they are having on the other side.

How much easier it would be for us if we could see death as a birth back to Spirit.  How comforted we can be if we know they're not really gone.

Any time you think of someone who's died, you're having a visit with them.  Talk to them as if they're there, imagine it as a bad cell phone connection where they can hear you even if you can't fully hear them.  They're usually really pleased that someone's finally acknowledging them!

The more you practice connecting with deceased loved ones, the easier it becomes.  The more you realize that you are Essence, and view life as the infinite and unlimited that You are, the less effortful life is.

It's possible to live this life with our Joyousness integrated into form, but few of us realize it.

As I'm completing this Mystic Musing, I'm receiving communication from the All That Is.  We are all on the verge of total transformation, I'm being told to tell you. Just step into your new level and you are there.  On this new level, the veils are thinner, we feel constantly connected.  On this new level you will Know you are Pure Joy.

Just do it, they say (they're oblivious to the Nike Ad, apparently).  Don't think, don't hesitate, just do it.

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