Friday, August 10, 2012

Is Your Ego Dying?

©2012 Joan Newcomb

As Featured On EzineArticles A long time ago I was with a man who was trying to give up cocaine.  I'd lived with him for almost 10 years and had no clue he was addicted (just call me Cleo, Queen of Denial).  However, it wasn't until he hit bottom and actually got clean and sober that his "addict personality" emerged.

It came out so strong at that time because it was dying.

One of my regular clients struggles with her weight.  When she tries to change her eating habits, a part of her resists.  It feels deprived, it rebels against restriction, it pouts, it does pretty much anything to keep the status quo.

What yells the loudest is what's losing power.

This is happening in different ways to everyone.  It may not be an addiction, it may be a way of life, or an aspect of your personality with which you strongly identified.  Our identities are disintegrating as our True Self emerges.

As we collectively evolve to a new level of Consciousness, the part of ourselves that are the older vibration falls away.  It's like an old skin that doesn't fit.  We're squeezing out of it, like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

I'm not listening to the old voices.  Different thoughts arise, offering themselves, and I ignore them.  I don't feel like being angry.  I don't feel like fighting.  I'm not engaging with their drama.

What's going on inside is being reflected in the outside world.  It seems the US government is more polarized than it's ever been.  People are being VERY loud, claiming that their opposing policies will bring identical results.

To me, it's the old, the restrictive, the limiting, that is dying. It is trying to exert the most control in order to survive.  It's ultimately not going to work.  The Truth will come to the surface,  Light will emerge, evolution will happen.

Egos are very unhappy with what's happening.  If you cling to them, you'll be very uncomfortable.  If you let them go, their voices will get loud for a while, then softer and softer until you forget you were ever influenced by them.

Is your Ego dying?  How can you tell?  Strong emotions are a clue. Rage, depression, grief and all very useful indicators that you are letting go of an old way of being.  You may have loved that personality and it's lifestyle, but you are being called to something that fits better.

You are being called to be the Essence of Who You Are.  You are asked to be authentic.  You get to do work that you love.  You get to fulfill your life's Purpose.

Your True Self won't accept anything less.

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