Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pictures Are Big!

©2012 Joan Newcomb

Not too long ago, Facebook used to be about status updates.  You'd report you were stuck in traffic or getting the flu.  Every once in a while someone would post a picture from their phone of the meal they were eating.

Twitter did the same, but within 140 characters and links to images.

Then people started sharing quotes.  Everything's pretty much attributed to the Buddha or Albert Einstein, even if it's said in a way they would never have expressed themselves.

Then came 'posters' of quotes with pictures, and suddenly the whole world is sharing photos, cartoons, drawings, with wise or witty sayings.

Before Facebook, people shared photos with Flickr but without the same impact.  Now Twitter shares images as well.  Pinterest appears and people are flocking to it.  What's going on?

We create technology to replicate Spirit.  We are always trying to return to Source (although we're never apart, we just feel separated in physical form).

Connecting through the internet replicates the connection we've always had as Essence, we just don't feel in body.

Pictures are especially powerful ways to communicate, the images transcend language.  However it's more than that.  Images are the building blocks of reality.

From the moment we're conceived, we start receiving and creating impressions.  We're absorbing our parents' projections of what kind of baby they're having.  We are walking, talking picture galleries.  We view the world through our pictures, the world views us through pictures.

Pictures are energy.  If we take an energetic impression into our space and hold it there, it can manifest physically.  You can create illness through held energy.  You can also create wellness.

If you never de-energize the pictures you were given, from your family, your schooling, your religion, then you'll go on to create your reality through their "slides".

Some people don't want to let go of pictures, they worry they'll stop existing without them.  But you create pictures faster than you delete them, so that can never happen.

Imagine in the center of your head you have a kind of movie projector or picture making machine.  It is constantly putting out pictures that you are looking through.  These pictures carry emotions, which color your experience.

Post traumatic stress occurs when your picture making machine gets stuck on one set of images, from a particularly painful period in your  life.  You're continually viewing your current reality through them, which throws you back to the age you were or the circumstances you were in when you created those pictures.

One way of manifesting is to consciously create pictures for yourself.  If you want to raise your abundance levels, drive to wealthy neighborhoods and imagine yourself living there.  Test drive a Lamborghini.  Try on a pair of Louboutins.  This technique works when you're able to match the energy of people who live in those places, drive those cars, wear those shoes.  But if it's not in integrity with your Essence, it's either not going to manifest or if it does, you will be unhappy.  It won't "fit".

Another way of manifesting is to consciously *let go* of pictures.   Perhaps you've unconsciously taken on that you're a loser, or a flake.  Money slips through your fingers like water.  In order to become something different, you need to drop those old identifiers.

People often gain weight because they're taking on another's energy, such as when you get married.  Many people lose weight when they get divorced, because they've released their former partner's pictures from their space.

People also create extra weight as a protection, or to embody power.  Oprah's recent change in size occurred when she was creating her TV network, for example.

Pictures color your experience of reality.  If you imagine something will be unpleasant, then it will.  Neutralize your impression of something and it may not be that bad after all!

When you realize that everything is just pictures, then nothing is good or bad.  There is no loss, as Essence always exists.  Nothing dies, just our accumulation of pictures disintegrates.

There are many ways to de-energize pictures.  EFT and NLP are popular techniques (Google them to find out more).  Meditation and visualization work well.  You can simply imagine pictures disappearing, or create a symbol to represent your pictures and 'highlight/delete' them.  Visualize or spend time 'daydreaming' your new reality into being.

You don't have to know what your pictures are to let go of them.  In fact, it works better if you don't spend time analyzing or dwelling on them (that just digs them in deeper).  You don't have to spend a lot of time de-energizing pictures for changes to happen.  Just a few minutes a day can create radical transformation.

This week, try any or all of these ideas, do something every day for 7 days and see what happens!

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