Friday, August 17, 2012

Adjusting Your Vision//Seeing Things Differently

©2012 Joan Newcomb

I've just started wearing glasses full time and it's a right pain in the ass.

I've used "cheaters", readers from the local drug store, for about ten years, and ignored the fact I couldn't see well out of my left eye.  My far sightedness is perfect, but my arms grew too short to read by, and I found myself walking around wearing my readers, as well.

Using a Living Social coupon, I got my eyes tested.  Apparently I've created 20/30 in my left eye, 20/20 in my right, so instead of just prescription reading glasses, I have 'transition lenses'.  They're a fancy version of bifocals, where the glass blends instead of two separate pieces.

It was a huge growth space to choose frames.  It took several visits.  I (like the rest of the planet) have had so much of my identity fall away, it was difficult to bring in this new aspect.  I'll now be a glasses wearer.  The frames will be a part of my face.  And since I'm unlikely to get regular eye exams, I'll be wearing them for a few years.

I don't want to be like my mother who's had the same glasses since 1987.

I finally chose a pair with light, copper metal on top, no metal (just the glass rims) on the bottom.  I steered away from popular styles as they'll be "out" before I get new frames.

So now I'm walking around wearing these things full time and I *really* don't like it.  The glass isn't large enough, I keep peering over the top or peeking underneath.  They slide down my nose and I try to use them like reading glasses.  I haven't figured out how to shift my head so I'm looking through the right section of the lens, so everything is blurry all the time.

And I'm annoyed walking with them, because they seem to distort my broader vision as well.

In actuality, I may just not be used to seeing things clearly!

All of this is a great metaphor for shifting one's focus.

The lenses are forcing me to narrow my perspective.  To look through the correct section when working on the computer versus driving a car.

Sometimes it's appropriate to have the bigger picture, sometimes it's important to put your attention on only one thing.

It goes along with different ways to manifest your reality.  You can step back and see things from a bigger viewpoint, realize it's all good, turn the details over to the Universe.  Or you can be specific, look at exactly what you want to create, and what baby steps are required to get there.

They're both valid techniques.

As Essence, we are infinite and expansive.  We are narrowing our focus in order to bring our energy into physical form.  Manifestation from Spirit into body requires solidifying, bringing Light into density.

On the other hand, raising one's awareness requires releasing effort, looking to Consciousness, "lightening up".

Both are happening all the time, inside us and around us.

There's no right way to create in this reality.  If something isn't working for you, try doing if differently (or not doing at all)!

If you've been visualizing your ideal scene, making vision boards, thinking and talking about it as if it were real, maybe it's time to let it go for a while.  Take your focus off it and put your mind on other things.  Go on a mental (or real) vacation.  Give the Universe space for it to show up.

Or perhaps you've been in the opposite place.  Waiting for your request, or doing nothing,  trying not to manipulate, change or control things.  It may not be time to get clear on what you want and take baby steps towards it!

For the next seven days notice what you're doing or not doing to create your life.  Change your tactics and see what happens!

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