Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't Take Yourself Personally

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

Many people confuse their personality with their Essence.  They think, I'm either physical form, my body, or my personality.  When they read about Consciousness, they interpret what is said through these lenses, and it distorts the true meaning of the words.

Your Essential Self is Consciousness, but your personality is form related.  It's the character aspect of you.  Although you are born a unique individual, your personality is created and developed alongside your physical body.

Some belief systems call it the Mind, some the Ego.  There tends to be a lot of emphasis on getting rid of the Mind or Ego, but that ends up creating resistance (and solidifying it even more).

In this world, if you didn't have a body, no one would see you.  If you don't have a personality, there wouldn't be anything for others to recognize, interact with, get to know.

Without a body, you would never enjoy the taste of food, the warmth of sunshine, the pleasure of splashing in the ocean.  Without a personality, you'd never fall in love, have interests, be passionately opinionated.

Just as your body grows and ages, your personality develops and matures as well.  There's a  tendency, however, to try to solidify in order to keep things stable.  People become entrenched in their ways as they get older.  It's linked to the body's survival instinct, personalities want to stay alive, too.

Your Essential Self is eternal, it never dies, so it's not concerned about life and death.  You as Essence are joyful and amused.

As you live, you continually go through experiences designed to expand and grow you personally.  You're not alone, however, because Consciousness is continually evolving, and so you are, too.

Personalities get upset when things they've identified with fall away.  They think they're dying when too many unfamiliar things happen.  They think there's nothing beyond this present moment and can't imagine anything different than what is happening now, even when 'now' is painful or unpleasant.

Collectively we are continually growing, raising our Awareness along with our vibrational level.  The aspects of ourselves that are outdated, that no longer serve us, are falling away, but they ain't happy about it.  When an alcoholic gets sober, their addict personality screams the loudest because it's the part that is losing power or 'dying'.

If you look around you, you can see people and groups who embody concepts that do not support expansion.  They are yelling very loudly, trying to control and manipulate in order to keep change from happening.

They ultimately won't be successful, because Consciousness is evolving, whether they want it to do not.

Evolution happens, otherwise we're all still be amoebas in the primordial soup.

Now, you can use this reasoning to do nothing at all, and just let evolution happen, but it can take a long time.  Or you can participate in the transformation on the planet by taking action with your own personal changes.

Those who are clinging to the old ways are experiencing the most pain and discomfort.  Those who choose to let go of their own inner limitations and embrace the transformation are happier and excited about all the new stuff happening.

Both things may be going on inside you.  A part of you may be excited and happy, a part of your may be resistant and belligerent.

Most importantly, don't take YOURSELF personally!  It's just aspects of your personality that you are out growing.

Look inside yourself and see where you are holding on to old ways or resisting new experiences.  Making little choices that feel lighter or better helps you course correct and go in the right direction.

That's all you have to do this week, make little choices, go towards what feels lighter and more expansive.

Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

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