Friday, September 14, 2012


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Yesterday I saw the documentary Kumare where a filmmaker from New Jersey, curious about why we believe spiritual leaders, both real and fake, creates an alternative persona and sets off to Arizona to find followers.

His teachings are made up, and yet people experience profound change.  And their transformation, transforms him.

Kumare emphasized that each person is their own guru, and it stuck me as similar to Jesus' original message, "What I do, you can do also" (John 14:12).

It is also in line with the evolution of Consciousness we are all experiencing.  We all have the opportunity to embody more of our Essence.  Our physical vibration is raising and allowing our spiritual vibration to more fully integrate.

We will ultimately experience this as greater Awareness and greater Knowing, but at first it may just feel like the sh!t hit the fan.  Which reminds me of the Gloria Steinum quote, "The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off".

There are many projections of God in the world, but ultimately God is Consciousness.  When we acknowledge Consciousness within, we are recognizing our own God Essence.

It's not just an inner modem where we can access and obtain answers from the Cosmic Internet, nor is it just a portal to a greater awareness.  Both images still place Consciousness as something removed or outside ourselves.

We are Consciousness, and it is Our energy we are embodying.  It's being filtered through our personality and our projections, but God is Us.

When we bring more of  Us into our form, it's harder for us to follow the old ways, the God outside beliefs.  It's harder for us to give up authority to other's knowledge.  It doesn't ring true to us, it doesn't feel comfortable, it doesn't fit.

Our childhood programming comes to the surface.  We feel sinful or rebellious or resistant.  We try really hard to be good, or we try really hard to be bad.  It's like going through puberty all over again!

However, this new level of Consciousness brings a new level of Responsibility.  We are called to respond differently, not to take responsibility for others or control what's not ours.  We are called to respond to each moment.

Being your own Guru means finding your answers within.  You may hear Consciousness speak through others, but verify it in your gut.  YOU are your Inner Being.

Kumare does a clever thing with his followers.  He has a one-on-one session with each one, where they play Kumare and he plays them.  And he has them tell him what they should do.  It's not really surprising how well it works.

Your assignment this week is to ask yourself:  If you were your Guru, what would you tell yourself?  If you were God, what would You say to you?

Do this for the next 7 days (and follow through your Your advice), and see what happens!

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