Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Complicated?

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

For the past year and a half I've been living ten miles from the White House.  I've been more inundated with politics, economics, and foreign affairs than in my entire life.  I figure it's karma since avoiding these topics for most of my adult life.

When it comes to these issues, nothing is black and white.  There are multiple layers and angles to everything.  For instance, people wonder why the big fuss over voter ID requirements.  Doesn't everyone have a driver's license?  And if you don't, why is it a big deal to get one?  It's surprising to realize how many people in this country don't have ID, don't have birth certificates, and that to obtain these items cost money that they don't have.  $5, $10, $50 is an enormous amount to someone who's been laid off without unemployment or retirement benefits.  So voter ID laws target poor people, elderly people, and immigrants.  And in many states that have enacted these laws or are trying to enact these laws, they're also strategically closing down or limiting hours of DMVs in lower income areas.

Economics.  We're in hard economic times, we should all tighten our belts, live on severe budgets, do without.  The thing with austerity measures is then people don't buy things, which affects manufacturing, affects jobs in manufacturing, affects shopkeepers, affects trucks and other things that transport things manufactured.  Austerity shuts everything down.

Foreign affairs are enormously complicated, you have to consider different cultures and different governments, you can't go charging into situations without knowing all the facts.  Demands for transparency can end up threatening the lives of individuals cooperating with the US in countries that are against us.

In this physical world, everything is complicated.  There is no black or white.  There are always subplots and side lines and infinite possible outcomes.

However, as Essence, it's very simple.  It either feels good or it doesn't.  And at our highest awareness of Consciousness, it's *all* good.

When you seek to manifest, you can go the complicated route, or you can keep it simple.  Make it complicated by creating intricate detail, by defining what you want down to the smallest detail.  Plan out every step you need to take to make it real.

Or, keep it simple by going straight to the feeling you'd like to have.  Instead of millions in your bank account, you actually desire peace or freedom.  Instead of a specific soulmate, you really want to feel LOVE.

This week, identify the feeling you imagine you'll have if you got whatever you desire.  It's not necessary to define it or give it a label.  Take time to feel that feeling every day.  This sets into motion the manifestation of what you desire.  It may show up looking different that what you posted on your vision board, but you'll be happier having it.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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