Friday, October 19, 2012

The Other Side Of The Veil

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

Several people I know have died in the past few months and a couple more have come near to it.  It's made me more aware of how thin the veil is between dimensions.  
photo credit: Darrell Wyatt

I still have preconceived notions on what it's like to die, what happens and where you go, even though all of these were tossed out the window when a friend passed in 2003.

I'd assumed that when you pass, you immediately go  into pure Joy.  You leave behind the pain associated with the body level.  Personality issues are extinguished as well.  You are instantly reconnected as Essence to Source, and it is ecstatic.

However, my dead friend hung around for a good eight or nine months on what felt like a physical level.  I theorized it was because he'd died in an accident, and there was a 'gestational' period he had to go through.

People who are older, who take longer to die, seem to go through this while they're still in body.  So when they do pass, their energy withdraws quickly.

Three weeks ago, after my cousin's mother passed, I felt her energy move through me.  I experienced it on several different levels.  I felt a wave move through me, I saw a silver-blue energy as it happened, and I knew it was her and she was happy.  Moments after it happened, my cousin texted me that she was sitting in her mom's apartment planning the funeral and talking out loud to her mom.

Dead people love it when you talk to them, they love acknowledgement that they're still here.

Last summer someone I knew had a stroke and initially I didn't think they were going to make it.  Their global community immediately began prayers which created a miraculous transformation.  The kind of aneurism this person had was one that has a high mortality rate, but they're going to be released from hospital soon, returning home for rehab.

Last Friday someone else I knew has several cardiac arrests and was pronounced 'unresponsive'.  For the first 2 or 3 days doctors were leaning towards unplugging the machines.  When I did some Matrix on him, I didn't think he was going to make it either, he was enjoying it so much 'out there'.  However, others were praying, doing Reiki and Matrix, and he's still with us (although not out of the woods yet; keep up the prayers & energy work)!

All this week I've been inundated with silver PT Cruisers, the kind of car that hit my friend in 2003.  It's his symbol for 'instant joy', and a reminder that he's still around.  As the years pass, his energy is more diffuse and almost on a thought level, although I can summon the feeling of him beside me if I focus.

All this makes me wonder about the Other Side of The Veil.  My sense is that you simply shift into a reality where everything is energy.  It's initially discombobulating, because we're used to more definition between senses.  It's harder to see when everything is pure light.  I also sense that connection to this more dense level is a matter of their slowing down (as our connection to theirs is a matter of inner focus).  They are everywhere at once, and we're moving along a linear line of time and space.

However, it's bright, it's joyful, and most people who have had Near Death Experiences report not wanting to return.  Almost all who do, however, bring that joy back with them.

It's important to know that when you die, it's a joyous experience, a birth back to Spirit/Source.  We should be celebrating rather than grieving (although it's our bodies that mourn, they feel the loss and separation).  And it's important to realize you can have that same Joy inside you now, while you inhabit physical form.

Anita Moorjani chose to come back from her NDE to let people know of their Magnificence.  Her story is inspirational about how quickly things can turn around when you bring your Full Self into your body.  She'd had hours left to live and, upon returning, her cancer disappeared within a week (this is documented).

Imagine how different life would be here if we all knew we were Inner Joy?  If we knew we aren't separated from our loved ones who've passed, because they still exist, just at a higher vibration than we're experiencing?  What if there were no good or bad about being alive or dead, since there isn't any death - there's just in body or out of body.

There wouldn't be anything to be afraid of, all life is just a series of fun experiences.  You wouldn't have to resist things happening, because it's all just a full immersion Wii game.

Your Magnificence is accessible *now*.  Your wellspring of Joy is just waiting for you to tap into it.  Shift your focus and you will feel it bubble up.

This week, let the above questions be an Inquiry for you, let them float on the edge of your consciousness.  Try this for seven days, and see what happens!


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