Friday, October 5, 2012

Your Inner Hero

©2012 Joan Newcomb

When life presents difficulties, we can either grow from them
 or be scarred by them.

Hard times call for heroic measures.  They require our inner Hero to take charge.  Rather than be victimized by circumstance, we can lead ourselves to a better experience.

We all have different sub personalities, and some are more dominant that others.  Each one responds differently to challenge.  One may sit and wait to be rescued.  One may blindly follow the crowd regardless of where they're going.  You may feel powerless in a situation, if your sub personality feels it has no power.

You can simply call on your inner Superhero to emerge.  It brings our your Expanded Self, strengths you may never have known, and can literally save your day.  You inner Hero can prompt revelations and solutions you wouldn't normally have accessed.

As your own Hero you may discover qualities you didn't know you possessed.  You'll find yourself capable of handling something that you would have thought beyond you.  You can rise to the occasion rather than crumple under its weight.

When working with clients to heal themselves of past abuse, I've had them step into their childhood memories as the adult they are now.  As the adult, they can confront their abuser, take their past child self away from the situation, or anything else that would help.

As your own Hero, you're able to take care of yourself in the moment and take care of your future self as well.  That's anticipating what would be helpful for you for whatever you'll be facing months or years down the line.  It may be as sensible as getting Long Term Care Insurance, or lining up a doula for after your child is born.  Or knowing that after your family visits at Thanksgiving you're going to be an emotional wreck for several weeks, so doing your Christmas shopping now!

In the present moment, your Inner Hero can help you out of stuck situations.  It can help you speak out in a dysfunctional work environment.  It can help you make the right choices when illness or tragedy strikes.

Your inner Hero can give you the resources to save your marriage, or handle a painful parenting issue.

We're going through a collective expansion of Consciousness, which is requiring each one of us to step up to the plate and take greater responsibility.  What that means, what action to take, is going to be different for each one of us.  Responsibility is the ability to respond, so it doesn't mean taking on other's responsibilities.  But it does mean showing up for ourselves in a bigger way than before.

Each of us being our own Hero, encourages others to be their own hero, too.  The more of us that don our capes and take to the sky, creates a stronger momentum for others to follow.

There are many ways to invoke your inner Hero.  You can simply call it forth, or imagine it to be in front of you and step into the energy field created.  You can dialogue or journal with it, speaking as it to you as well.  You can ask your inner Hero what your special powers are, or let your Hero sub personality reveal them to you.  Perhaps it's getting a mask and cape from the store, or something that symbolizes hero energy to you, like a special belt or bracelet.

Your assignment this week is to be your own Hero.  Try any of the suggestions above (or make up some of your own).  Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

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