Friday, September 28, 2012

Leisure Suits

©2012 Joan Newcomb

The great thing about those Leisure Suits of the 1970's (besides the no-wrinkle polyester material) was that the pants and jacket matched.  You could be stylish without thinking too hard about it.

People who wore leisure suits spent time with other no-wrinkle polyester wearers.  They mostly lived in suburbs, their Sears and JC Penny catalogs were delivered to their new, prefab homes, and drove the newest station wagon with wood paneling.

It's comfortable to hang out with people who look the same, live the same, think the same.  They reinforce our reality and make it feel more stable.

The thing is, we'll stay with people or groups who match our perceptions of reality, even when it's not comfortable.  It's a basic survival instinct, we could die if we leave the group.  This is true when you're young, your parents are supposed to protect you, feed you & clothe you.

However, if you were raised by alcoholics or abusers, your initial survivor instinct is distorted and you'll gravitate to people and groups with matching tendencies.

In olden days, villages had walls; you could fall into hands of marauders that dwelt in the wilds beyond them.  So we extend our survival needs to where we live as well.

Religions inserted the same programming into their spiritual practice.  Your soul would be at risk if you did not stay within the confines of the specific belief system you were born into.  Which seems to me the ultimate distortion, since our soul is immortal, how could it be threatened?

As you grow up, you usually go to school with kids from different homes and get exposed to different ways to do things.  You learn about other cultures, countries, religions and realize that there are lots of ways to be in this world.

It's empowering to realize we have a choice how to express ourselves in the world.  We can value our uniqueness and appreciate other's individuality.  We don't have to all wear leisure suits to get along or feel safe.

There's a collective uprising happening around the world, being expressed in the Occupy movement, but also in protests against restrictive governments and cultural beliefs.  Those that represent the traditional way to do things are becoming more rigid because they feel their survival is being threatened.  Those that identify with their Essence are becoming more rebellious as they feel their creative expression (=life force) is being threatened as well.

People think they will die if things don't stay the same or go back to the way things were.  People think they will die if their freedoms continue to be smothered or restricted.  Each elicits a very loud response.

Growth happens.  Change happens.  It's a lot easier when you accept the expansion.  You can see it as an enhancement, as a moving forward, view it with excitement rather than fear.

You can't stop the collective Consciousness' process any more that you can stop puberty.  Allow the process to happen and life becomes much easier.

If you resist those that are attempting to restrict your freedoms, you'll end up matching them (and restricting yourself in the process).  In trying to stop them from controlling you, you'll be doing the same thing.

Respond instead by standing up and resonating your own vibration.  Your inner light is stronger than any outer attempt at control.  You can vote, you can non-violently protest, you can speak your Truth.

Align with your own uniqueness and creativity and you'll be tapped into your own energy Source.  You are more powerful within your own space than anyone else.

Try this for a week and see what happens…

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