Friday, November 9, 2012

Occupy Your Body

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

These are intense times.  I feel like a broken record, but it's like this 2012 transition is throwing everything at us to break down any last bit of resistance we may have opening up to our new evolutionary level.

Everything you have felt was solid and real has been disintegrating.  Any way that you've defined yourself externally has been challenged.  This isn't news for most folks; it has been going on for a few years.

One of the things that shifted radically for me was my approach to meditation and energy work.  My original training was as a meditation and aura healing teacher, and a clairvoyant reader.  I spent nearly 20 years doing exactly the same kind of energy work on a daily basis.

In 2006, I went to a Matrix Seminar and my entire reality changed.  Everything I was an 'expert' on went out the window.  The foundation of my practice had been grounding to the center of the Earth.  I clung to that technique for as long as I could.

Until one day I was teaching it to my students and the center of the Earth wasn't there.  This was an advanced class, we were grounding the building and the surrounding property as well.  But instead of energy going to the core of the planet, it went right through as if we were just standing on a spaceship.

When I adjusted my technique (after a period of being extremely freaked out), I found myself 'grounding' into my own 'center'.

The other day, what with hurricanes and people dying and whatever, I decided to try the old way of grounding again.  I was pleasantly astounded.

It wasn't the same old redwood density, increase of gravity sensation that had been so comforting in the past.

This time it was alive and dynamic, like grounding into Grand Central Station.

Grounding into my own center is the same way.  It's light, bright and quick.  It's like the difference between old computers and new technology.

As Essence, this is very exciting.  As body, not so much.

Bodies like things to be familiar.  Bodies are used to gravity.  Bodies (and their accompanying personalities) like to grow slowly. At least they think they do.

They're very attached to survival comforts.  Their identity is tied into material things, because bodies are made up of matter as well.

However, when I let myself relax into this new grounding, and into my new internal energy centers, it felt wonderful.  All the stressful things going on just evaporated.  I really wanted to stay in this new space!

But my mind took me back to all the important issues I'm dealing with.  Things that seem life and death to it.

We are all dealing with so many life and death issues going on in the world today.  That's how body/personalities experience change.  If it's new and unfamiliar, it's death to old ways of being. Bodies  take death very seriously as they're not going to make it out of this lifetime alive!

However, you as Essence are already new energy (I could as accurately say you are always new energy).  If you relax into your body, it will find your presence very reassuring.

When you Occupy Your Body, it will feel safe, no matter what's going on externally.

As you relax into your body, the denser energy will fall away.  Things that aren't aligned with the New You will fall away as well.

It won't be the end of the world when they do.  It will be just the beginning of bigger and better stuff!

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