Friday, November 16, 2012

Defying Gravity

©2012 Joan Newcomb
This morning I read a blog post by Martha Beck which helped validate and synthesize this week's Mystic Musings.  It talks about the evolution of consciousness, and uses the metaphor of 'rumble strips' to explain how a series of challenging life events are really meant to help you get back on track.

[Warning: Today's essay is probably going to be filled with mixed metaphors.  Source speaks in images, and I have a collection of them to weave together for you.]

I was still sorting the subject out as my husband and I walked our dogs.  I tried to tell him about what I'd read, but I mistakenly called them speed bumps.  When I sorted out the right word, he said, 'rumble strips saved my life.  I was driving through the mountains one night and fell asleep at the wheel.  They woke me up and kept me from going off into a cavern.

For some people however, staying within those boundaries mean spiritual death.  They are meant to fly, to swim, to blaze their own trail.

Reacting to the idea that rumble strips are meant to keep you on the straight and narrow path, I asked, 'but what if you could fly?'

My husband, who likes rules and structure, laughed incredulously.  (He's an architect, if you don't follow the rules, the building falls down).

Growing up, most of us were taught to stay within narrow cultural/social boundaries.  Straying off them meant death, or at the very least a failing grade.
Going off a cliff reveals to them their Essential Selves.  

Now, up to a point, groups can be supportive to growth.  Like a bicyclist on the Tour de France, a group can give you momentum and carry you along.

But at some point you need to break free of the group in order to move forward.

A series of challenges helps you evolve, grow beyond limitations, shows you your strengths and potential.

Thirty years ago I went through rigorous metaphysical training, giving my tools and techniques that benefitted me for a long time.  

However they were still rooted in this linear reality, these 3-D definitions of gravity, time and space.  

My old techniques, as I learned them, are as outdated as cassette players and VCRs, answering machines and landlines.

Imagine how mind-blowing a smart phone would seem to someone from 1982.  Or 1992.  

Matrix blew my mind in a similar way.  All the energy techniques I'd relied on stopped working.  I had to make up new ones, or upgrade them to work via WIFI.

In a recent Musings I suggested that, if you are having a difficult time, you ask your Future Self how you got through it.  I've done this in the past and now will have moments where I feel the communication from my Past Self.  

Today it occurred to me that I can also access techniques that haven't been 'invented' yet, by connecting to the future.  However, I can also access techniques that are currently used in a parallel universe.  Information can come from anywhere and you don't even have to know how to use the techniques, you can just download them and let their innate intelligence run.  You can trust your Infinite Intelligence (aka Essential Self) as this aspect of You exists beyond all time and space, in a multiverse of Awareness.

It works best when you *don't* know what you're doing, because your left brain likes to color within the lines.

Imagine what you can create if you step outside the rules?


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