Friday, November 23, 2012

What Feeds You?

©2012 Joan Newcomb

In the US we've just celebrated Thanksgiving, where most people stuffed themselves beyond bursting and then had pumpkin pie.  Today is 'Black Friday', where many people shop themselves silly.

What do these activities really represent?  What do they actually give to you?

Traditionally, Thanksgiving meant gathering with family to give thanks.  For many people it's now a microwaved turkey dinner in front of a football game on TV.  Black Friday is an opportunity to get a great deal on Xmas presents, spending is a boost to our overall economy, but today people are boycotting Wal-Mart and not shopping for political reasons.

Collectively, we seem to go through times of inhalation and exhalation.  We have times when money flows in and we are surrounded with love, and then times when those things seem gone from our lives.

It feels like a time of exhalation now.  The world economy has tanked.  Society has splintered and we just don't gather or support ourselves in the way we used to (or in the historical illusion).

On the physical level we're driven by hunger, and our actions are tied to feeding our needs.  Some people find eating comforting.  Some people find shopping relaxing.

What is it that you really need?

Years ago I visited the Southwest and had a difficult time with the environment.  It felt desolate to me.  It was so different from the Pacific Northwest where I lived.  I had a conversation with a cactus and it told me that plants there had a different 'sun-water' balance.  Without thinking, I adjusted my inner mix and felt more comfortable!  When I returned to Seattle, it was grey and rainy, and quickly adjusted back to what I was used to.

This morning I woke up thinking about energy, as I often do, and tried a variation on a replenishing technique.  My original technique is to imagine a gold sun above me, and have gold energy flow into me.  Gold energy represents a healing energy that also assists with evolution.   Over time I've used waterfall energy (as to me flowing water represents abundance).  This morning I tried oxygen (thinking about the oxygenated air when you're near waterfalls or the ocean).

My body and energy system responds to each of these, sunlight, water, and air, as they're elements for any living thing to grow. But what's behind all of them?  What is the core energy that we are seeking?

We get confused, because our bodies seek to survive, and our personalities seek to be loved.  Eating is the most primal way to, literally, survive.  Shopping, interestingly, stimulates creative energy, which at it's most basic live, procreation.  Our bodies originated in our mother's womb, her creative machinery, and were sustained by her fluids.

Where did We originate?  In Essence, in Creative Consciousness.  It is pure Love, Joy, Ecstacy.

We are all seeking to experience this while in physical form, bringing light into density.  Yet we do things that produce the opposite.  We imbibe that which brings temporary joy and hangovers later.

We are all running around looking outside ourselves for that energy.  Because, after all, our mother was outside of us, the food source (and thus the love source) was outside of us?

We forget that our bodies were originally within our mothers, we were enveloped by Source.  We forget that we were and still are Essence, we ARE Source.

Even my original metaphysical technique of Gold Sun placed the sun above your head.  And there's the main misunderstanding.

As Essence there is no outside nor inside, there is no separation.  People who spend a lifetime seeking spirituality, fasting, going to India, finding a guru, abstaining from meat or sex, discover when they die that they've been Spirit all the time.

It's not outside.  Within us we have centering points which are vortexes of energy.  In this world that thinks linearly, you can imagine these vortexes bring energy from somewhere else, like a wormhole to another dimension.  If you seek love, if you seek creativity, if you seek power, you just focus in one of these areas and it is instantly generated here.

It's not really somewhere else, it's all existing at once, but to satisfy your body level, you can think of your chakras or inner centers as like Star Trek replicators.  Find a quiet moment and close your eyes, turn within, and imagine your energy center generating whatever core energy you desire.  Radiate Love.  Radiate Creativity.  Radiate Abundance.  Radiate Awareness.  Anything you feel you lack, you can radiate that energy inside.

Do that whenever you feel like it, and you will start seeing these things show up in your life.

Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

(Interesting side note, the fellow in the lower left corner of the iconic picture above is my great Uncle.  He lived down the road from Norman Rockwell and showed up in many of his paintings)!

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