Friday, December 7, 2012

Capable Kids

©2012 Joan M Newcomb

Some people think babies come out as clay, to be shaped and formed.  Others see children as incomplete or imperfect people that need help to become good members of society.  

These ideas confused me, since I've always seen children as capable creators of their reality.

We are all Consciousness manifesting through physical form. Therefore, children are Consciousness, infinitely wise, infinitely aware, manifesting through tiny, growing, bodies. It's the body that hasn't experienced life yet. The Being has experienced many lives.

When I viewed life linearly, I saw people as sum totals of all their past lives.  Each incarnation was like a grade in school, the lessons learned from them being played out unconsciously in this present life.  

I've become more aware that it is all Consciousness, which is experiencing every lifetime at once.  Life isn't a school for learning lessons.  It's an adventure theme park, a full immersion Wii game for Consciousness to create.  

We *are* Consciousness, creating this reality down to the smallest detail.

That means kids, every little, innocent, shiny faced one, is creating their experience.  They create their parentage, their birth circumstance, their parents, their siblings and their childhood.

Each child is a treasure chest of infinite potential.  Sometimes the best thing a parent can do is step out of the way.

Of course, they don't pop out completely potty trained (don't you wish)!  As a parent, you manufactured their body and are required to teach 'em how to use it.  But at some point, you hand 'em the keys, they hit the road and where they go and how they navigate is up to them.  

Life is a road trip, with some preplanned points of interest and a lot of routes to choose from.

As a parent, you can give suggestions, but you're not the driver of their vehicle.  Your kid is an Infinitely Wise Being, it's the body that has a cracked voice and acne'd face.  

There's a point in time, it used to be around age 14 but it's getting younger and younger each year, where they suddenly know everything and you know nothing.  What's happened is their body has grown large enough for their Essence to inhabit.  They're suddenly flooded with the collective memory (I used to say all their past lives).  

They really DO know everything, they're remembering when they ruled countries, fought battles, got married, gave birth… many lifetime experiences flowing through a body that doesn't have a driver's license yet!

Treat them as the Infinite Intelligence that they inherently are.  Trust that it's their Conscious guiding their route.  As you do that, you are validating them and their capability.  You are giving space for their Greater Selves to emerge.

As you step back, they will surprise and amaze you with what they accomplish.

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