Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good, Bad & Ugly

©2012 Joan M. Newcomb

Earlier this week I was musing about today's Ezine essay.  I was first considering talking about Money, then different levels of non-physical entities, and then, playfully, considering the End of The World (but I'll save that for next Friday, the 21st).  

However, the news of today's school shooting in Connecticut has swept those topics aside.

I turned off the television when they started interviewing eight year olds who were there, and after NBC's guest psychologist told how to protect your own children from repeated news as they don't understand it was just one incident being replayed over and over again.  I decided my mother who has Alzheimer's, didn't need to be continually surprised and shocked by it either.

My heart is aching for those parents of kindergardeners.  I am still reeling from the news that it was a teacher's own son who did it.  My mind is going in a million different directions on how to address this.

People die every day.  People die by themselves.  People die in groups.  People die who are 104 and people die as infants.  Some might even say people die as embryos.

An entire school of children & their families are profoundly traumatized by this morning's events.  And all around the world there are traumatizing events happening at any moment.  There are wars, there are cyclones, there are epidemics, and there are earthquakes.

I've spent the last twenty months trying to keep my mother's dementia from advancing, and the last twelve slowing the progress of her cancers.  It's been as successful as halting a rising tide with your bare hands.

Some days it can feel like you're living in a nightmare, but a nightmare is just another kind of dream.

Here's what I know to be true:  my mother is an Infinite Being who will be just as real to me when her body is no longer here.  She's designed a very creative way to go, as her Alzheimer's prevents her from fully comprehending her cancer.  

What makes this less traumatic than the school shooting is that it's been going on for a long time.  We've had time to adjust.  What makes this less tragic is my mother is 86, not five or six.  

This is what else I know:  every single one of us is an Infinite Being.  Every single one of us is bigger than our bodies and the stories going on in our lives.  

The part of me that is aching for the parents is the part of me that is a parent.  The part of me that is reeling is that I'm a mother of sons.  These are just some of the threads of my connections that extend out into this world and reverberate whenever something happens on this planet.  

Our bodies and personalities feel the vibrations of pain and fear.  Our bodies aren't going to make it out of this lifetime alive.  They take death very seriously.

What I also know is that death is joyful, to the ones who have died.  When we die we realize we are Infinite.  It is blissful, ecstatic.   

There is no good nor bad as Spirit.  When you die, it is totally ecstatic.  It is all good.  You don't care who got the house, or how you were killed, you are thrilled.  People with NDE all report not wanting to return.

If we all knew how great it was, would we all commit suicide?  No, because it would change how we would live here.

Being here would be a more enjoyable experience.  We'd take it less seriously.  We'd have more fun.

Just because there's no ethics as spirit doesn't mean there's no ethics in body.  In body there are definitely guidelines for interacting.

In physical form there are boundaries.  There is emotional and physical space.  If we keep our focus to within our own space and the definitions of our own lives, it would be much more fun for everyone.

You wouldn't go on a killing rampage because you'd never get that angry or depressed.  You wouldn't need to take away someone else's life.

Even though life is a full-immersion Wii Game, it's not played by being disconnected from others, nor your body's feelings.  If you're striving for spirituality by depriving yourself, you've missed the point.  If you're trying to be unattached by being detached, you're still playing a mind game.

When You fully inhabit your body, You feel things deeply!  But it takes on a different meaning, as You are experiencing it from Your own Infiniteness.  Your body feels immense grief when losing someone dear, yet You still feel them with you.  When this lifetime is done and You leave your body, You experience no loss.  You are instantly reconnected with everything! You dive into the Ocean of Expansiveness; it is thrillingly blissful.

We are a week from the Solstice, the end of the Mayan Calendar, and a little over a week from Christmas.  My wish for You is that You remember Your Magnificence.  May You bring it into Your body and that it radiate throughout Your life.  I wish You the warmth of Your Inner light, that it illuminate the darkness, that You see and sense the connection with all the other lights out there.  In so doing, may You and all around You experience much comfort and joy.

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