Friday, January 18, 2013

Gremlins & Nematodes*

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My mother has a gremlin in her house.  It makes things go flying out of your hands.  She told me about it years ago.  She was in her kitchen with a fresh pan of lemon bars when they suddenly flipped over and onto the floor.

The same kind of thing has happened too many times to me in the time I've been here.  I used to think it was confined to the kitchen, but this week the dropper top to the morphine *and* the syringe to administer it went soaring into the toilet.  Today I went to use a roll of toilet paper to blow my nose and it jumped from my hands and rolled under my mother's hospital bed.

Paranormal experts have found poltergeist activity near where teenagers live, and there's a sixteen year old in the townhouse on one side of us, a twelve year old on the other side.  But I think this is a slightly different category.  And I think it's specifically attached to my mother.

Often these incidents are preceded by a fleeting negative thought, which got me thinking about the kind of beings that operate on this level.

There's a whole spectrum of non-physical energies.  On this brightest end are angels, devas, and saints.  They are healing entities that bring light into the darkness.  They are individually imbued with specific qualities or traits that you can pray to or align with, to bring into your life.

On the other end are gremlins, negative entities that feed off human emotion.  They delight in stirring up obsessions and compulsions.  They suggest ideas and thoughts to create hate and fear.

I once read an elderly woman in Bellevue, WA who was plagued by what she thought was a ghost cat but energetically looked more like a raccoon.  This invisible being would sit by her feet and occasionally nip her ankles.  I was unsuccessful in removing it and I suspect she kept it because she was lonely.  More than likely the woman only wanted validation that it was real.

Today the hospice bath aide was chatting with me about her mother, who recently died.  She mentioned her mom's home 'was haunted by all sorts of ghosts', but since she passed it's been calm and peaceful.

I think that's going to happen here as well.

I included 'nematodes' because earlier this week I saw a freaky YouTube video of a newly killed spider with a nematode emerging from it.  But when I went to Google it, all I found were articles of *beneficial* nematodes, used by gardeners to control pests.

Now that's an interesting idea… maybe an energy technique for removing gremlins?  Bring in nematodes of light?

The main thing is, not all non-physical energies are angelic.  They are not "better than" us, simply because we have a body.  We don't have to give them authority over us because we *do* have a body.

We don't have to feed them with our negative emotions.  In fact, when we don't feed them, they go away.

How would your life would be different without your invisible swamp rats nipping at your ankles or whispering nasty thoughts into your head?

For the next seven days, don't feed your gremlins.  Don't pay attention to the negative thoughts.  Turn your focus towards brighter ideas.  Imagine nematodes of light going into the gremlins.  Or make up your own technique.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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